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Top Drinking Games Perfect For Your Next House Party

House parties are a new trend nowadays. Everyone likes to do that because it gives the best experience, games, dance and drinks, fun all in the comfort of your home. Drinking games can be a great idea, and we have listed a few of them here: 

1. Never Have I Ever

It can be the best option, where it even makes a stranger feel comfortable and enjoy the party with you all. One doesn’t have any introduction to the game. It’s just that one has to be frank enough to answer all the target questions coming in.

2. Straight face:

All players write creepy sentences on small pieces of paper. Sentences can be anything that should be ridiculous or inappropriate. It should be difficult to read by other players. Anyone should find it a struggle to read with a straight face. Quite difficult !!! But have to.

3. Drunk Artist:

Players take turns as one being the timer and one being the artist. At the beginning of the round, the timer whispers a word to an artist and starts the timer. An artist has to draw the word on a large sheet or pad of paper; the rest of the crowd will shout out the comment, what it is supposed to be. If one also guessed it correctly, then it’s okay. If no one then again picks up a glass of drink. 

4. True or false game:

One starts rotating the bottle, and when it stops at a specific position facing one player, then another side player will ask a question, according to the choice: true or false. If it answers correctly, then no problem. If not, you have to take a glass of drink in a single gulp.

5. Flipping the cups:

Both teams stand opposite sides of the table, facing each other and keep their cups filled with drinks at the edge of the table. After finishing the glass, each one of the players in the team has to flip the cup upside-down before the next player. The team which finishes first will win the game. 

7. Cup swap:

Each player needs cups, one full of alcoholic beverages and another one empty, and a spoon. The players get a time limit of one minute – The one who can transfer the maximum drink between the two cups using a spoon. 

8. Sip Sip shot:

Everybody sits in an exceedingly circle, and one player goes around bopping folks on the top, telling them to “sip.” every bopped person takes a sip of their drink till the bopper chooses somebody to mention shot too. The fired person will leap up, follow the bopper around the circle, and watch a player tag them. 

9. Most Likely:

The players sit in a circle and throw a ‘most likely’ question. For example, “Who would be most likely to feel shy in front of strangers?” After the three counts, everyone in the game will point to other persons they think can do so. 

10. Kings Cup:

The Kings Cup is the oldest and best enjoyed with a large number of players. Every time one picks a card, they have to do whatever the list has mentioned. The more drunk, the better the game!

Priyanka Aggarwal, an English Literature Post Graduate has invested her flair for writing and editing masterpieces.


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