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Top Great American Road Trips in America

Most people imagine taking a lengthy expedition like The Great American Road Trip, but very few people actually accomplish it Although experiencing this huge and diverse country is something that many of us have on our bucket lists, most of the time we end up travelling abroad. Traveling abroad simply appears more attractive, intriguing, and thrilling. However, there are more than enough diverse cities, small villages, local culinary customs, historic sites, interesting museums, and natural beauties in this nation to keep any adventurous tourist occupied.

Month 1: Southern and East Coast US

Boston, MA

In the ancient New England city of Boston, pick yourself a rental car, and set out on your trip. Boston has been a major economic centre since the 17th century and is home to ardent sports fans, a wealth of history, delicious food (particularly seafood), stunning architecture, and a vibrant nightlife.

New York City, NY

One of the most favoured cities in the globe is New York. It would take you several lifetimes to see all of New York, which has more than eight million residents and is only 3.5 hours southwest of Boston. Just too much is there to see and do. At the very least, you’ll need three nights, but if you can add one or two more, do so.

Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia, often known as the City of Brotherly Love, can be reached from New York in under two hours. I used to visit my mother’s relatives frequently there. Despite the negative news reports, the city is alive and teeming with friendly people as it reinvents itself. The city is awash with colonial history, similar to Boston (the First Continental Congress was held there in 1774).

Washington, DC

Washington is 2.5 hours to the south. Due to the numerous embassies located here, an amazing international cuisine scene exists (and a solid cocktail bar culture too). 

Month 2 : Southwestern US

New Orleans, LA

One of the world’s most vibrant and dynamic cities, New Orleans is three hours from Natchez. You could easily stay here for most of a week. It has a lot to offer, including the renowned Bourbon Street, jazz and blues music, a rich history, gorgeous mansions, lovely parks, intriguing people, exceptional cuisine, and a fusion of French, Creole, and Anglo cultures. It is a beautiful location.

Houston, TX

West of New Orleans, in Houston, is five hours on the American road trip. Along the journey, there are several antebellum residences, animal parks, and conservation zones. It is highly advised to make stops there and make this journey a full-day excursion (or stop for a night along the way).

Month 3: Pacific Northwest, Western US

The Oregon Coast

The Oregon coast drive is really beautiful and underappreciated. There are breathtaking vistas, stunning beaches, several hiking paths, sand dunes, and an abundance of oysters and shellfish to choose from on the American road trip. Stay off the shore. Take a few days to go gently around the seaside settlements.


Portland is about five hours north of Redwood National Park on the American road trip. The city is also known as “Stumptown” because of all the tree stumps left behind as the city developed and cleared the surrounding countryside, and “the City of Roses” since roses were a popular garden plant in the late 19th century. The food truck scene, coffee shops, breweries, and hipsters are what it is most known for. 

Month 4: Midwest, Northeast US on The Great American Road Trip 

Chicago, IL

The Windy City is the next destination on the American road trip, located some eight hours distant. One of my favorite American cities is Chicago, which is situated on the beaches of Lake Michigan. The summers are just lovely, despite the hard winters. There is a booming nightlife, lots of deep-dish pizza, lots of art galleries and museums, and lots of open space.

Detroit, MI

Most tourists avoid Detroit, sometimes known as the Motor City because to its car manufacturing industry. Despite a terrible reputation in the past, it is currently going through a revival. There are many of positive things going on here. The area, which is four hours from Chicago, is home to top-notch museums, a dizzying array of restaurants, hip dive bars, and a diverse music scene.

Detroit Michigan skyline reflections

You will undoubtedly alter this extensive agenda to suit your needs on the American road trip. In the end, the United States is a wonderful and varied nation. You will be able to locate everything you’re looking for on the American road trip. 

FAQ’s on The Great American Road trip 

How long does a car trip across America road trip last?

If you’re ready to spend up to eight hours each day behind the wheel, a road trip across the USA will take between four and six days, depending on the route you select.

How much money is required for an American road trip?

We spent $2,382 on our 16-day car trip across America or an average of $149 per day between the two of us. Although it costs more than the $125 per day we had budgeted for our USA road trip, we don’t feel bad about it.

How much time would it take to travel across all 50 states in the American road trip?

124 hours, You are now prepared to cover some asphalt with a full tank and a stocked refrigerator. You can travel the whole length of the contiguous U.S. in under 124 hours if you go at an average speed of 55 mph with breaks and switch out new drivers as needed. Alaska and Hawaii must be checked off the list in order to finish the fifty.

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