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Two Indians who have been jailed for 8 years in Pakistan get handed to India at the Wagah border

Two Indian nationals were languishing in a Pakistani jail for almost eight years as they were accused of illegal border crossing. But now they have been handed over to the border security force personnel at the Wagah border. This report was given by a government official which was stated on Tuesday. This news has recently hit the headlines and also the fact that Pakistan has finally let go of the two Indian nationals after waiting for 8 years has become big news now. Both the Indian nationals were accused of illegal border crossing and thus they were under the officials from Pakistan for so many years now, because they were being continuously suspected. 

The government officials also said that in 2013 the two Indian nationals named Sharma Rajput and Ram Buhadar entered the Pakistani territory by the line of control that is the LOC. This LOC is actually from Kashmir and thus they were arrested by the Pakistani rangers. Both Indian nationals were not aware of the fact that they were not allowed to enter into that particular area and as both of them are mentally challenged, it explained the reason behind entering the Pakistani territory. The Indian officials also stated that both the individuals must have apparently crossed the border eight years back as they are now proven to be mentally challenged. But the fact they were mentally challenged came to notice just now as it was discovered very late and even the Indian officials officially stated the fact of crossing the border inadvertently. The pictures were also shared with India and as they were admitted as citizens they handed them. The official said, “the pictures and other credentials were shared with India and finally after admitting them as its citizens the rangers handed them over to the BSF on Monday.”

source = financialexpress

As Sharma Rajput and Ram Buhadar seemed to be mentally challenged they crossed the border inadvertently but still the Pakistani rangers arrested them and then jailed them for around 8 years. Both Sharma Rajput, as well as Ram Budhar, stayed in jail for 8 years in Pakistan but they both were held in separate jails for all these years. After the long gap of eight years, Pakistani officials were clear with all the proof that clearly stated that both the individuals are mentally challenged and that the Pakistani officials finally handed over both of them to Indian officials now. 

This is not the first time that something has happened like this, there was also news spreading that 19 Indian nationals were arrested by the Pakistani authorities as they were accused of spying and illegal border crossing over a year ago but it is still pending with the federal review board. The police had arrested these 19 Indians from different parts of the country and these Indians were arrested on the security act and the secret services act of the country. They were also produced before the federal review board which also comprises the judges of the superior court and the federal interior ministry presented their charges. The board has now extended their detention until the decision on this case is made based on the investigation report which will be submitted by the interior ministry. This report will include whether they should face trial or should be set free. 

Well, we often come across many such cases where children often cross borders without knowing the fact that they are not supposed to do so and currently such a case also happened when 3 Pakistani boys entered the Indian territory. However, all the three young boys were sent back to Pakistan safely and Indian officials along with the villagers who stayed with them gave them many gifts by sending them happily back to their homes.

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