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Upload season 3 Release date, cast and more things to find out!

Season two of Upload reveals that Nathan’s (Robbie Amell) afterlife is much more complex and packed with activities than most people’s actual lives, and it seems that things will continue to be like this and get trickier.

Will they or won’t they date? Check. A former girlfriend who won’t let go? Check. An intended victim of a murderous plot hatched by a political puppeteer looking to take over the world? Check.

Despite being exceedingly futuristic, a concept that resounds seductively with that Black Mirror-style sense that this is only a matter of time and is incredibly relatable even if the technology isn’t there yet. 

Upload season 3 Release date

With principal cast members taking on new projects, complex shooting schedules are almost a given. Notably, Robbie Amell, who plays the primary character Nathan in the upcoming third season of The Witcher, has been cast.

But according to Midgard Times, filming began on August 18 and is scheduled to end in November. Through their social media accounts, series actors Amell, Andy Allo, and Owen Daniels announced the start of production. The exact date of release has not yet been chosen.

Upload season 3 -1

The cast of Upload season 3  

You should expect all three of the prominent actors from Upload to return.

Robbie Amell, who plays tech genius turned dead man Nathan, who is now (sort of) back to life and living in the actual, non-virtual world, is the programme’s star.

Additionally, he has a romantic interest. Nora (Andy Allo), a virtual reality worker, joined the anti-tech group The Ludd’s on her father’s advice. However, she has demonstrated that she is a capable leader and is currently quite near the top of the anarchist group.

Ingrid (Allegra Edwards), who was once Nathan’s girlfriend but is now his ex, isn’t done either and is still prepared to go to any lengths to keep him close. She spent most of season two pretending to upload into the virtual Lakeview reality to be close to him. If we go back to Lakeview, we’ll likely see more of Owen Daniels, the enduring AI Guy, whose face is everywhere in the system, and Kevin Bigley, who plays Nathan’s “bestie” Luke.

Aleesha (Zainab Johnson), Nora’s best friend, could make another appearance if she aligns with the other upload angels and Nora’s friends. According to Variety, Jeanine Mason has joined the third season of Upload’s cast.

Karina Silva, a completely new character, will be played by Mason. A senior Horizen executive in charge of new product development and cybersecurity has been described as the persona.

Mason’s performance in Roswell, New Mexico, the second adaptation of the Roswell High book series, which aired on The CW for four seasons, maybe her most well-known work. Grey’s Anatomy, Trolls: TrollsTopia, Grace, and Frankie are some of Mason’s previous productions. She is famous for winning the Fox reality competition series So You Think You Can Dance’s fifth season.

Upload season 3 -2

The plot of Upload season 3  

As stated, when Nathan is downloaded into a clone body created according to Ingrid’s instructions, season two of Upload finishes on a very suspenseful cliffhanger. After realising she couldn’t continue living the upload life, Ingrid set up for Nathan’s body to be regrown in a sporadic process in a desperate attempt to keep him. Only a few pigeons have won, giving it a meagre success rate.

After learning that he had been murdered to prevent his potential application, Beyond, from allowing poor people to upload freely, Nathan spent a significant portion of season two attempting to understand why.

It turns out to be for political purposes. Numerous clinics named Freeyond were established by a sinister organisation in swing states. So, that the impoverished and desperate may upload into a new life and stay away from voting booths. Because their lives have technically ended, uploads are not eligible to vote…

If they are successful, it will need hundreds of crucial votes to maintain some political titans in power.

Nathan asks the Ludds for assistance and, despite the risk of dying, chooses to download into the body to assist Nora in stopping Freeyond before it’s too late.

His plan initially succeeds, and Nora and Nathan ultimately journey with the Ludds to confront Freeyond.

Following this choice, Season 3 will probably begin immediately, with Nathan and Nora Trying to save him before it’s too late in a race against time.

In addition, it will be primarily political and take place outside Lakeview as the gang decides what to do next in their attempt to overthrow Freeyond.


As far as we know, filming has not yet begun, so there are no updates regarding a trailer.

But as soon as we have additional information, we’ll update you as much as possible and recalibrate our data.


Will Upload’s third season air?

The release date for Upload season 3 is unknown as of September 2022, but it is most likely to occur in the first half of 2023. In May 2022, the streaming service formally announced the third season of the programme.

Has the programme Upload been cancelled?

Happy news The third season of Upload has been out as of May 2022. According to Vernon Sanders, the head of global TV at Amazon, Upload has developed into a genuine smash. It is still one of the most watched comedies originals on Prime Video.

How many episodes is season three of Upload?

There were just seven episodes, after all. There is a chance that Season 3 will have more attacks because the epidemic isn’t causing as many issues. Naturally, this will result in a more extended shooting schedule and post-production time. According to Midgard Times, filming is ready to end in November.

In Upload, who plays Nathan’s mother?

Jessica Tuck portrays Nathan’s mother, Viv Brown. She frequently uses an avatar to communicate with Nathan. Viv is having the task of taking Nathan’s awareness on a portable disc to compare options at a period when Nathan is considering downgrading to a less expensive virtual afterlife.


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