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US hospital charges for showing brief emotions while surgery! Details here

Many people have a fear of hospitals, needles, and syringes. And it’s obvious when you feel your tear ducts automatically leaking after going for a small surgical procedure. That fear of going through even a small surgery brings tears to your eyes sometimes. Well, the recent viral photo of a Twitter user’s hospital bill will shock you even more. Have you ever seen any hospital charging money for crying? Well, if you have not, it has happened now. A Twitter user named Midge, who is from the United States shared a photo of a bill of her mole removal surgery that went viral on the internet and the weirdest part is, the bill includes a shocking charge along with the surgery essentials. The tweet has now gone viral and gained several likes and comments from netizens.

In this weird case, this woman from the United States said that a hospital charged money for her crying during a mole removal surgery. Shocked over her experience and unexpected charge, the woman shared it on her social media leading to a huge discussion on the internet. Taking to her social media account, as Midge shared this photo on her Twitter account, she sarcastically wrote, “Mole removal: $223 Crying: extra”.

While sharing her post, Midge also added some details on the calculation and charges incurred. The category titled ‘Brief Emotion’ of course caught everyone’s attention. She was charged $11 (that is Rs 816 in Indian currency) as she cried and showed her emotion during the surgery. According to the viral photo, the bill shows that Midge was charged $223 (Rs 16,556 in Indian currency) for the main procedure, but she was also charged an extra $11 (Rs 816) which has left social media users shocked.

Seeing the photo of the bill, social media users began to question some serious queries to her about the process and details of the American healthcare system. As the post has gained numerous comments, her post also gained over 100k likes and around 10k retweets. Many Netizens criticized the hospital for this weird addition to the bill while other netizens also told the woman to complain to the higher authorities. Many of them were also busts sharing their own experiences. 

One user commented, “I had a mole removed, asked Dr. “ Will it hurt when the anesthetic wears off?” She replied” what anaesthetic?” And promptly snipped it off with what looked like kitchen scissors! I couldn’t scream, my kids were behind the curtain”, while another one commented, “Hey! A 20% emotional discount! Not bad. A lot of people I know discount my emotions at least 80% or more.”

Another Twitter user commented, “Does your health care cover feelings?” And one was also wondering what will be the price for an extremely emotional person, and asked, “How much for the extended emotion? I have a lot of feelings” to which Midge replied that she’s wondering about the same. The Twitter thread is now filled with many experiences of the people they have experienced very badly and some were trolling the hospital for charging just for showing emotions while surgery. Another user had a doubt about how the hospital calculated the price for the emotion? By considering each dollar for each tear? 

Some people were also asking seriously about the weird system. Because it’s of course the first time for someone to see a hospital charging for crying. Moreover, the woman’s revelation over the bill on Twitter has raised several questions about the weird working and functioning of the American healthcare system, doubting that all systems may be the same.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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