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Video of a woman speaking fluent English is now going viral! Know more

We come across many such videos on the internet which usually stuns us with an unexpected twist. The videos showcase the most unexpected things, which sometimes never fails to impress us. Well, this video of a woman named Swati is going viral on the Internet. Wondering what’s the reason? It is because the woman speaks fluent English. You may think that there’s nothing so special to speak in English as most people do. But as we mentioned earlier, this type of video has some unexpected twists. The video of her English speaking skills was initially shared on Facebook and till date, it has been viewed over 78,000 times.

The video clip, which was shared by a Facebook user Sharda Avanish Tripathi, showcased Swati sitting in front of a closed shop in the Assi Ghat area, Varanasi. As Avanish further proceeds to ask Swati questions, she responds completely in English! Her English is so fluent that due to this particular reason this video has become viral now. As Avinash was asking questions, she was answering continuously and also she shared her life story. While sharing about her life story, she further tells how the right side of her body was paralysed after she gave birth to a child. And she also explains that she came to Varanasi three years ago from South India. If you think that English is the only reason for the spread of the video, well, you have been mistaken! Swati, while sharing about her life story revealed that she is a Computer Science graduate too. Shocking isn’t it! Well, not only you, but many of the netizens were quite surprised with this video. 

The caption of the video posted on Facebook reads that Swati is completely healthy by her mental health and lives on streets. The one who posted the video further mentions that Swati didn’t ask for any money but she said wanted the Facebook user to get her some work. The user mentioned that her English is fluent and she can also do work related to the computer, and she needs financial help. This is what the Facebook user wrote in a part of his caption: “Swati is completely healthy mentally but has to live on the streets. She does not need rehab but financial help. She didn’t take money from me but asked me to get her some work. Swati can do typing and other computer-related work. English is fluent and well mannered. Swati deserves a better life,” when translated from Hindi.

Well this super amazing video has not grabbed the attention of you and other netizens, but has also gained support from many people on the internet. This video seemed so amazing that the video received several reactions from netizens and as mentioned earlier, many netizens came forward to help Swati out while others shared the video widely. In this way, there is a hope that Swati will get the help she wants.

Many users shared their phone number who wanted her to help and work in their companies. While some of them also wanted Avinash’s phone number so that they can help her to get some work. 

Well, you may be aware that this type of incident has happened recently, and this is not the first time that a video of an underprivileged individual speaking 

English has gone viral, as earlier this year, a video of a ragpicker carrying a bible and speaking in fluent English went all sorts of viral which won hearts of hundreds of netizens out there.



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