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Video of Rice Bran-made food containers is getting viral! Shashi Tharoor retweets!

We often come across so many amazing videos on the Internet that it surprises every single time how much people can share amazing content and make social media more productive. People are nowadays opting for more eco-friendly options which are indeed one of the best things that we can do and spreading awareness about that will not only make the environment better but also will make the surroundings a better place for sure. Well, it is true that nowadays many social media users have realized the importance of maintaining nature and they have been spreading the importance and post as well as videos regarding it on several social media platforms for a while now and all thanks to this recent post which is just making it at all much more worthy

 And there are many creative people out there who are coming up with so many ideas which are environmentally friendly, thus safe for nature, and useful to us. And it can be said that the internet and especially social media platforms are the best way to spread such awareness and to let people know more about such things. You may have also come across such amazing ideas of the people, through the internet. And similarly, the video of the food containers made up of rice bran is taking the internet by storm, which also made Shashi Tharoor retweet and spread the video!

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor retweeted the video which was posted by IAS officer Supriya Sahu. IAS officer Supriya Sahu tweeted a video that promotes eco-friendly products. Impressed by the amazing idea of eco-friendly food containers, she urged the Central government to provide incentives in order to ramp up their production.

As the Congress MP retweeted this tweet of the IAS, he tweeted, “This applies across the country and not just TN. Various such innovations are in the works that would replace plastics with recyclable, biodegradable materials. GoI needs to provide incentives to scale up production of such eco-friendly alternatives for daily use,” tweeted Tharoor.

Talking about the video, the amazing video features food containers that are made out of rice bran. Amazing isn’t it? Well, it also included glass tumblers of different sizes and bottles which are also shown. The man in the video can be heard saying that it can only be used once.

The amazing video has gained over 25 lakh views so far, and the video was circulated all over social media platforms. This idea was loved by many and Netizens also extended support for the initiative. While many were quite amazed and supported the idea, on the other hand, some users also raised concerns over the cost of eco-friendly products, as many products nowadays are quite costly.

“Sir, outstanding products but may be a costly affair, not in practice by common man because of high cost,” commented a user.

IAS officer Sahu, as she shared the video, also asked hotels, restaurants, and food joints to stop using banned plastic packaging in the state. “Food containers made out of rice bran are leakproof, affordable, disposable, and earth-friendly. Hotels, restaurants, food joints, it’s time for you to stop using banned plastic packaging in TN and switch to sustainable eco alternatives,”  was written by Sahu in her tweet.

Sahu, Principal Secretary to Tamil Nadu Government, Department of Environment, Climate Change and Forests has been at the forefront of promoting the ‘Meendum Manjappai’ scheme, which encourages people to carry a yellow colored cloth bag whenever they step out to buy things.

The state government has imposed a ban on the production, use, storage, distribution, transportation, or sale of 14 types of plastics which will come into effect from January 1, 2019.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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