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Viral video: A duck is a part of the New York City marathon!

Sometimes just one small animal is capable of amazing millions of netizens out there. Some make use of their cuteness whereas some make use of their smartness! Well, currently one small adorable has done the same thing that has left the internet in splits. A duck was seen being a part of the well-known New York City marathon. 

The marathon was not held back in 2020 because of the severe coronavirus conditions and the world was busy fighting the pandemic which was at its peak. However, as the conditions are under control now the New York city has once again decided to conduct the marathon which now is going crazy viral over the internet. All thanks to this one Little cute duck which decided to finally make a star appearance in the marathon race. All the netizens on the Internet who have watched the video on several social media platforms are now addicted to it.  

Well for sure who can blame them as the duck is looking adorable in the video. As the internet is now busy gushing at the duck’s cuteness, it has now become one of the most trendiest topics. Wrinkle the duck on the video is seen running with other people who are participating in the New York city marathon. Well, in the marathon surely the people present there shower all their support to the tiny participant. 

All the onlookers of the marathon fell in love with it and despite not completing the whole track the duck was successful in winning all their hearts. A video of Wrinkle the duck was captured and shared online and in the video shared on Instagram, you can see the duck running the marathon happily. The video shows Wrinkle waddling on the street wearing cute little red shoes bringing a smile on everyone’s face. “I ran the NY marathon!! I’ll get even better next year! Thanks to all the humans that were cheering for me!” reads the caption of the video which was shared on Instagram. The video has now got more than 37,000 likes and hundreds of views.  Well, Wrinkle’s participation in the 26.2-mile race left netizens awestruck and it is understandable too. 

Well in the video also you can see many onlookers present at that moment where all cheering for the duck. They all are seen showering their love on Wrinkle, netizens expressed their views freely on the comments section of the video. As the New York Marathon was cancelled in 2020, this year the entire event saw many people participating in huge numbers. Well, also it is a must to be noted that the star of the show was the duck. Wrinkle managed to steal the show.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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