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Viral Video: A Man Rescues a scared little kitten that got stuck in a canal.

For all the animal lovers out there that they always find them adorable no matter what they are doing. Well, we literally find so many viral videos and pictures on social media platforms about them. From sharing tips to their unique videos. We find everything about adorable pets and how they make it so easy to make a smile. But sometimes these same animals are absolutely stuck in situations that obviously  have a bad ending. They cannot get out of it without causing trouble and similarly something happened recently. 

The scary incident:

This little kitten got stuck in a canal and the video is going very much viral on the social media platform of Instagram. Good News Movement came up with this video where you will get to see a man trying to say this kitten. He is seen using a cardboard box to get the kitten out of the canal. In the now going viral video, you will get to see a little kitten sitting scared inside a canal. This little kitten somehow got stucked that and obviously was not able to get out of the situation. She was waiting for someone to help to get a rescue from the place. Well at that time this heroic man comes with a cardboard box trying to get her out of the canal.

 He dangles a cardboard box from over the canal and aims it towards the scared little kitten. He then places this box near her and she hopes so what the cardboard box. Then this man lifted the cardboard box up and successfully saved the little kitten. The video was caught on camera and is now spreading like fire in a forest. The caption of the video also States, “HERO!!! Awesome act by this man who noticed this stranded kitten in the middle of a canal.” 

The reaction of social media users:

All the social media users from around the globe who came across this amazing viral video and are going crazy about it. Also they committed and shared a lot of their thoughts regarding this video in the comment section of the post. There are so many positive comments found on this video that it literally makes you smile. One social media user who came across this video commented saying, “One thing a cat cannot resist: A box! Smart kitty. Bless this man for helping it.“ 

There was another person who saw this video and commented in the comment section of the post, “Smart man smart kitty.” Another social media user came up with the comment saying, “How do you catch a stranded kitten? With a box of course!” as per the reports of this now going viral video has gotten more than 300,000 likes already. For sure it is one of the most adorable and amazing videos that you would have found on the Internet in recent days. Also it is literally one of the most adorable things you will find on the social media platform. 

Well along with it you will also know how this little kitten was so in love with the boxes that it made such a smart move.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
I am Swetha Sivakumar an Engineer who is obsessed with writing and keeping myself updated with latest and fun news to turn it into an article.


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