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Viral video: Home cook’s invisible Pizza is getting viral on the internet!

The internet is amazingly filled with a lot of content that usually showcases people’s talent. If one wants to show his or her cooking talent then the internet is the best place to do, as the video may spread and be shared at a wide range. People get a lot of recognition for their cooking talent through the internet as they prepare different dishes or by giving innovative twists to the popular ones. Sometimes this may not turn out so well as people usually doubt the remade dishes. One such remade version of the people’s most favorite dishes is getting viral on the internet. The video shows the preparation process of the “invisible pizza” and now everyone is shocked and amazed by it. This video of The invisible pizza is spreading on the internet and some people are intrigued by it, some people also want to take a bite out of it. 

The video was firstly shared by a content creator and a home cook aspiring to be a Michelin star chef, Michael Ligier on his official Instagram page. The content creator posted the video on his Instagram page and captioned it as “Molecular Pizza!?!?” The video was actually shared back in April but it is now getting viral as the official Instagram page of YouTube shared it once again. The Instagram page of YouTube wrote, “Invisible Pizza anyone? @michaelligier’s got a recipe for you” as they posted the video of invisible pizza. 

The video featured Michael making a crystal pizza base and then topping it up with buffalo mozzarella spheres and tomato caviar. It seems like the whole dish is made through scientific methods. But the way he explained was more scientific it seems. He explained the process of making the pizza, “We have really turned this kitchen into a chemistry lab, but we assure you, it surprisingly tastes just like Pizza. We’ve created a crystal bread base that gives our Pizza that amazing crunch, some buffalo mozzarella cheese spheres that explode with cheesy goodness in your mouth. Tomato juice caviar for that hint of sweetness and acidity. Then we topped it with some fresh basil…garlic powder… chili flakes…I know this is extra…”. And yes, the title “Molecular Pizza” suits it well.

Since the video has been posted by the official Instagram page of YouTube it has gained a lot of attention and has gathered more than 23,000 likes which are still increasing. The comment section is filled with a lot of comments and reactions of the netizens. 

One Instagram user wrote, “I was just thinking about ordering pizza”.“Nah bro, that’s not a pizza!” wrote another user. 

Some people were questioning why the cook made such a dish, people commented “why?” and, “What was da reason?”

Others also showed interest in trying this new type of pizza. There were some netizens too, who also compared it to sushi and said it looks like Sushi.

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