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Viral video of a girl getting a haircut from a meat knife! Watch the shocking video now!

We often get to see many hairstylists sharing amazing videos and tips on haircuts and hairstyles on several social media platforms. The videos of people getting beautiful haircuts and doing amazing hairstyles get super trendy on social media. Many such videos from a huge salon to spas where people show several tips to get a perfect haircut always go viral. Such a video is currently taking our internet by storm when a girl gets her hair cut from a meat knife. Getting a beautiful haircut is what everyone wants and it can safely be said that a bad haircut can ruin someone’s day for sure. 

Well in this video which is currently shocking many netizens who watched it shows a very fearless girl who got a very bizarre haircut. The girl is now famous because she gets her haircut in an extremely unconventional way that is by a meat knife. The video just shows a very short clip of the girl who is laying with her hair spread out flatly. Well, her hair is spread on a surface that mostly looks like a chopping board. Surely the video is an example of a horrible way to get a haircut, as next, you can actually see a boy appearing in the video to cut her hair with a meat knife. 

Yes, you read that right as the girl is already getting her hair cut by a huge meat knife in the video. The person chopping the hair with the knife is really trying his best to give the girl a neat and defined haircut. However, nothing goes as per their own in the video and the haircut was not a success. Later in the video, you can see the girl saying “Oh my God, this is really happening.” She was recording the video the whole time literally when her hair was getting chopped by a meat knife. Getting your haircut from a knife in such a scary manner can be a nightmare for sure.

 After the video was uploaded on social media, it did not take much time for the video to reach out to many people and go crazy viral on the social media platform. The video has more than 4 lakh views currently and the comment section of the video was filled with many comments that show how much the netizens were shocked to watch such scary content on social media. Well, initially this scary video was posted on Instagram by an account named BViral. Netizens couldn’t believe their eyes when they watched the girl in the video and they have been sharing this video everywhere with hilarious reactions and comments.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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