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Viral video of an ostrich running in the middle of Lahore’s Canal road

We often come across many bizarre videos on the internet which always leave us stunned or puzzled. We may have seen some videos where weird things are spotted in the middle of the road. And this time, people have spotted an ostrich in the middle of the road.

Recently a video of an ostrich running on a busy road along with speeding vehicles is being circulated on all the social media platforms at a wide range and according to the report of Pakistani media, it is known that this video is from Pakistan’s Lahore. The social media users are left puzzled and marveled in equal measures as the clips of the flightless bird speeding on a wide, busy road, which is reportedly known as Lahore’s Canal Road, have been circulated online. 

One of the videos which have been shared online shows the ostrich running in the middle of the road as cars and two-wheelers pass by it and trying to not hit the bird that was, even more, taller than the vehicles. The ostrich was running at a very fast speed, which is almost as fast as the speed of vehicles. The video which has now gone viral has gained over 80,000 views and as it is reshared by many others, it has also gained a lot of comments. 

According to the reports of ARY news, there are videos of two ostriches being shared on the internet but unfortunately, one of the ostriches died because a man tried to catch it from its neck. The man caught the ostrich’s neck in an attempt to catch it but the ostrich was strangled and died. As per the reports of Daily Pakistan, the ostriches have escaped from somewhere in the outskirts of Lahore and managed to reach the Muslim town. 

Many people have reacted to this video and were concerned about the ostriches. A Twitter user wrote, “the sheer magnificence, agility and look at it cautiously navigating through the traffic. So much respect for this bird,” as the user also shared the video along with it. As many people were concerned about the safety of the ostrich they said that they are better off in the wild and not in the cities. 

The other user wrote, “The poor thing is definitely scared to death and feels threatened. Any updates on what happened next? Hope it’s safe whenever it is now.” 

Yet another one commented on the post, “The bird is panicked. Those who are responsible should be held accountable. This is cruelty.” 

“The beautiful bird shouldn’t be kept at houses in cities at all. They are better in the wild”, a user wrote.

Well, this is not the first time that something like this has happened in Pakistan. Such cases have also been reported earlier. This year in January a video showcased an ostrich reportedly escaping from us who was spotted running down a road in the Southern Pakistan city of Karachi and the video went all sorts of viral.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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