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Where is Wanetta Gibson now ? Know more why she falsely accused Brian Bank ? 

Brian Banks’ erroneous rape accuser Wanetta Gibson is still at large and hasn’t been apprehended. She aggravates a lot of people because she makes it harder for actual rape victims to live their lives. Wanetta’s location and if she has been detained after her accusation was found to be untrue have piqued the interest of many people. They’ll be shocked to find that she is completely innocent and free of any crime. A young woman with huge hopes and a promising football future was completely destroyed by her. Even though Brian ultimately won, Wanetta’s tactics were harsh.

According to reports, the county is also suing her for child support after she accepted government aid. The court’s decision would give the school district the right to deduct money from her future earnings and property.

Wanetta Gibson Social Media, What happened to her social media accounts

Wanetta Gibson is currently not using social media and the trackers have found her unreachable through her accounts any information to track her down has been shut by her, although she has been receiving great hatred condemnation, and despise from the world through social media, perhaps could be the cause of her shutting down the social media. 

Wanetta Gibson Jail, Did she go to jail yet ?

Wanetta Gibson sued the Long Beach Unified School District for being dangerous and won a $1.5 million judgment, Banks was found guilty of rape and given a jail sentence. In 2012, Banks was released when Gibson admitted to lying. Gibson must provide the LBUSD a $750,000 settlement in addition to more than $1 million in further costs, including legal expenses, interest, and punitive penalties. Despite a history of civil litigation claims both for and against her, including temporary restraining orders and domestic violence charges, Wannetta Gibson has not been found.

wanetta gibson brian banks
wanetta gibson brian banks

Wanetta Gibson Whereabout, Where is she now ?

However unfortunate the circumstances have been, Wanetta Gibson is yet unreachable and unable to find. 

Brian Bank Abuser, What happened to him ?

After high school, Brian Banks, a budding football player who was making a reputation for himself via his play, had plans to enroll at the University of Southern California. However, his aspirations were destroyed when he was accused of rape. This is just one of many situations where a girl exploits the legal safeguards placed in place to guard her against damage like sexual assault. People despise her because she forced a young guy into prison, ruining his life.

Wanetta Gibson Confession Video, did she confess her crime?

After Brian’s bank abuser was released from jail spending 5 years imprisoned for the crime he didn’t commit and the next 5 years on parole, Gibson sent Banks a friend request on Facebook. When they initially met, Gibson admitted to fabricating the rape allegation and said she wanted to assist him which shocked everyone. It was wonderful news for Banks, but she didn’t want to tell the truth to the authorities for fear of having to return the settlement money her mother had received from the school. The video was sent through Wanetta Gibson’s Facebook. 

What is Wanetta Gibson’s net worth ?

Wanetta Gibson was awarded 1.6 million in the lawsuit she fake filed a decade ago, against the Brian Bank abuser. Which made her net worth closer to the same amount yet turned about she falsely accused and ruined the life of an innocent man, and she must be liable to return the same with a huge penalty and fine. 

wanetta gibson brian banks
wanetta gibson brian banks

Why did she her crime ?

One day out of nowhere her confession video was found by the bank on Facebook, they must have not taken it seriously before they realize how terrible Wanetta Gibson has really been, however, we cannot suggest any such reason that Wanetta Gibson must have confessed her crime. 

What is Wanetta Gibson doing now ?

Wanetta Gibson is supposed to be serving her time in imprisonment although she had been unreachable to trackable for a long time after she confessed her false accusations on Brian Bank. she has been receiving huge despise on her social media, and perhaps she will soon be known to come in front. 

Has Wanetta Gibson been in jail yet ?

Wanetta Gibson is yet to be put in jail as the case is still to be apprehended by the courts, which initially began when she was only 15 years old, according to the same assumption Wanetta Gibson must be 21 now, and would perhaps be put behind bars soon enough. 

Shreya Minocha
Shreya Minocha
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