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A woman falls 50 feet deep well in Kerala, this is how she got rescued!

The video of a woman getting rescued by fire department officials goes very viral on the internet and is taking platforms like Twitter on Storm. The fire department officials as well as the local residents rescued this woman after she fell into 50 feet deep well in Kerala Wayanad. This incident took place on Tuesday and immediately after the incident took place the local resident’s elected officials came to help the women. 

The officials rushed to towards the spot to rescue the woman as soon as they got information from the local residents and they used the ropes and a large net to pull her from the well. The well was 50 feet deep and the nearby residents started shooting the video of the woman while she was getting rescued with the help of officials and other people. 

Video Credit – ANI

The people living in the local area quickly rushed to the spot during such a drastic incident and the officials were able to save the life of the woman who got stuck inside the well quickly because of their help. After she was out from the well, officials helped the woman to stand up on her feet. In the video, it can be clearly seen that the fire department personnel were holding a large net with a woman inside it.

 As soon as she got out of the well she was holding on to the net as she was sitting in it. Then the officials ask her to let go of the net and the personnel pull her onto the land by helping her to stand on their feet. She was initially very much shocked and is seen falling back due to her state of being all shocked. Well, in the video it was visible how much she was initially scared of the incident. However, later she is later seen being able to walk(However, later she was able to walk). The video of the woman getting rescued also got posted on the ANI’s official Twitter account.

 It got captioned with the lines “Kerala: Fire Department officials and locals rescued a woman after she fell into 50 feet deeper in Wayanad.” After the video got posted it instantly went viral and got over 8000 views as many netizens and social media users applauded the fire department officials who rescued the woman from such a drastic incident and saved her life. The comment section was all filled with praises by many Twitter users too. Netizens and social media users reacted to the video by showing how proud they were by locals and officials for their work in rescuing the woman who got stuck in the well. Some people also shared their views on many such incidents that have happened before in the country. Really great work done by the team and locals.



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