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Watch how a lion helps a group of tourists during their Safari!

Ever heard of a wild animal helping humans to get out of trouble? This amazing video of a huge African Lion going to blow your mind because it has been going crazy viral on the Internet and the reason behind it is something insane. 

A group of tourists was enjoying their trip in South Africa when something unpredictable happened to them. Well, this group of tourists in South Africa needed some ‘help’ and got it from someone who did not expect to have them. Suddenly an unexpected visitor appeared in front of their Safari in which they were enjoying the beautiful location of South Africa and the scene went crazy viral on the internet as it was caught on camera. An African lion was on rescue and it was captured in the video! Now, a video of this beast playfully pulling at a rope is something surely that you will not find every day on the internet. 

There was a rope which was attached to the Jeep in which the tourist enjoying their Safari and the Jeep got stuck in a ditch during their trip. This lion which appeared in front of a jeep decided to help the tourists and then started pulling the rope which was attached to the Jeep helping them to come out of the ditch. Now the video of the amazing African lion is making waves on the internet. 

In the video, you can see Jabulani Salinda of Baobab Ridge Game Lodge was leading a tour. The tour was planned through Baobab Ridge in Greater Kruger. This is when unexpectedly the vehicle got stuck in the jungle trail. Well, The tourist got the help of a Lion as thankfully the jeep had a tow rope to aid in such situations. Well usually in such situations you will find a person helping but, instead of a person, it was the exciting wildcat. The huge wild cat decided to step forward to help the humans and thus started playing a game of tug of war as it is seen in the video. 

“Look who came to ‘help’ with our tow rope! Cats will be cats!” the lodge wrote. The lion dug its paws into the ground before trying to wrap the rope around a nearby tree. The tourism company explained that “it wasn’t done to intentionally attract or play with the animal.” The Facebook post said: “The Guide got stuck with guests on his vehicle and had attached the tow rope to get pulled out. Before it could be removed the lion showed up and I guess it instinctively did what cats do.” 

The company added  “He couldn’t be with the lion there, nor did he want to provoke a chase by driving off fast with the rope still attached. No harm was done to the lion.” According to the New York Post, the guide said that the lion “wasn’t approaching with anger”; rather, he simply “saw the opportunity to play with something new.” Well, the guide maintained calm while dealing with the wild lion.  In such proximity indeed it would be hard for anyone to get panicked. Many social media users watched the video and thought that it was something really scary to witness. 

Some social media users thought the incident was surely an unforgettable event that anyone would have hardly forgotten if they encountered such an event in their life.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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