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Watch the mysterious ray of light in Pathankot sky on Friday evening leaves everyone confused!

Well it has to be said that the sky at night is indeed beautiful but at the same time, it may seem mysterious too. And not specifically at the night time people have experienced this during the daytime to when they have come across many mysterious things that they have spotted in the sky. These mysterious objects which are spotted in the sky have always left many people stunned or shocked, and have also left them wondering about the reason behind this mysterious appearance. While on the other hand, some people come up with their own theories and assumptions too. While some say that such objects are actually a meteor or any space debris, others believe that the object may be a UFO. And thus, this never ending saga without any clear explanation continues. But recently, one such thing has happened all over again, when similarly, mysterious light made an appearance in the sky in Pathankot, which has once again left everyone shocked and confused, thus taking the internet and social media to share about it.

The people of Pathankot, which is located in Punjab, were quite surprised when they came across a line of bright light sparkling in the sky at night on Friday. This phenomenon which was experienced by the local citizens also gave rise to a lot of buzz on all the social media platforms, and mostly, on the most used microblogging site Twitter.

As per the locals, this bright ray of mysterious lights which darted through the sky was spotted by them at around 7pm and it continued to be visible for five minutes. As per the statements given by the locals, lights could be seen blinking in a straight line.

But still, there has been no official statement about these lights, nor has any expert offered any comment on such a mysterious looking light ray. But even though people have not received any official statement, they themselves started discussing it on Twitter thus the phenomenon generated a lot of chatter on Twitter.

Well, it has to be noted that this is not the first time that such a thing has been spotted in the night sky. A very similar thing was spotted by the local citizens of Gujarat in June this year. Mysterious rows of bright blinking lights were seen gliding across the sky in Gujarat’s Junagadh in June this year, and as a result, it had triggered speculations of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs).

The incident which happened in June also triggered many comments on the Internet and all the social media platforms where people started discussing and sharing their point of views on this. Many people almost believe that this may be some sort of UFO, as it was indeed the first time that they have faced such a phenomenon. The phenomenon sparked the many conversations online in the same way as now people are discussing the spotting of mysterious lights. 

Also in the videos and pictures of the phenomenon that surfaced online at that time, about four to seven bright shining lights could be seen gliding in the row in the sky, which stunned many local citizens and also other netizens who saw the pictures. However, the experts did some research and thus they dismissed the reports that it was a UFO.

Narottam Sahoo, who is a Advisor at Gujarat Council of Science and Technology (GUJCOST), had given the information and also said that the light sighting could be because of some satellite that may have passed through the low earth orbit.

While explaining more on this, he said that there are more than 3,000 satellites functional in the lower orbit of the Earth.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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