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We bet you didn’t watch the new Cadbury ad i.e. going viral on the internet!

Currently, a group of children is going crazy viral on the Internet and you will love it if you belong to the 90s. Well, Chatpat recreates a Cadbury ad and a group of children has become an internet sensation because of it. After they recreated the iconic ‘Kuch Khaas Hai’ Cadbury ad, it is going crazy viral on the Internet and all the netizens are super excited about it.

The video turned netizens nostalgic and exactly know because who can say no to the amazing ad of Cadbury. The ad is so famous because they traced back their memories of the 90s commercial. Talking about the latest going crazy viral video, the video was made to encourage people to donate more to the SOS Children’s Villages in India. Chatpat is a 10-year-old boy and one of the most famous personalities on the internet who is seen in the video. The internet’s darling plays the role of Shimona Rashi in the commercial quite well and impresses many Indian social media users.

The ad video is set up in a slum area, where the video is captured in the spirit of cricket and the enthusiasm of its young actors. This commercial is a huge success and has now reached many people around the globe. “Chocolate khaane ke liye apni gang nahi karti wait, par sirf meetha khaake thodi na bharega पेट? @cadburydairymilkin ki public, yeh video agar pasand aaya toh apne @soschildrensvillagesindia ke bantai log ke liye kuch meetha ho jaye? Kuch sweet sa kaam karna ho, toh donate karo, taaki rahe #NoChildAlone!” read the caption of the famous Instagram post.

 The viral commercial posted on November 28 has got more than 19,000 views now. Also, all the netizens have been showering their love and support and Chatpat’s videos have been teaching netizens how to live on the streets have already gained him a lot of fame. Also, to make a note of this 10-year-old talented boy who is the first brand ambassador of the NGO.

SOS Children’s Villages of India was founded back in 1949 in Austria. Later they expanded their services in India back in 1964 and initially started from Faridabad near Delhi. Their services include family strengthening, e-Tarang 2021 giving impetus to children’s skills development, and much more. All the natives who came across this viral Cadbury recreated ad on social media have fallen in love with the children’s acting and are sharing it with many others to make the video much more viral now. Surely it is a must-watch video that will not only melt your heart but also something that is creating awareness for the betterment of society.

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