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Wellmania : Upcoming comedy-drama, Release, Cast, Plot etc.

A new Australian comedy-drama television show is called Wellmania. Celeste Barber, an Australian actress, and comedian are apparently working with Netflix to create this new series. In addition, the series would be based on Brigid Delaney’s book of the same name, as was previously reported. In addition, Wellmania tells the tale of a lady who is compelled to alter her way of life in order to enhance her wellness.
Additionally, the series’s co-creator and producer is the author Brigid Delaney. The writing staff will reportedly be led by the show’s co-executive producers, Benjamin Law, and Belinda King. If you’re curious what the show has in store for us, read on. Why do you persist in waiting? The planned Australian comedy-drama series “Wellmania” is described in detail below.

wellmania netflix
wellmania netflix

Who plays Wellmania ?

Back in January of this year, the network made the show official. Additionally, the cast of the series has already been revealed by the network earlier in March 2022. Check out the rumoured members of the show’s official cast who will most likely appear in Wellmania.
• Celeste Barber portrays Liv.
• JJ Fong, who plays Amy Kwan, an investigative journalist and Liv’s best friend.
• Lorraine Healy, Liv’s mother, played by Genevieve Mooy.
• Gaz Healy, played by Lachlan Buchanan, is Liv’s brother.
• Remy Hii as Dalbert Tan, the fiancé of Gaz.
• Alexander Hodge as Isaac Huang, Liv’s romantic interest.
• Helen King, editor-in-chief of The Sydney Standard, played by Simone Kessell.
• Valerie Jones, Liv’s New York editor, played by Virginie Laverdure.
• Johnny Carr in the role of Doug Henderson, Amy’s spouse.
• Otto, Miranda.
• The Leah Vandenberg.
• The Aden Young.

What’s the story, Wellmania ?

The actual plot of the series is currently impossible to determine. But according to Deadline, the novel’s plot summary states that “when human tornado Liv (Barber) faces a serious health issue, she is forced to reconsider her “live hard, die young” mind-set. Throwing herself headfirst into a wellness quest, she tries everything in an effort to recover quickly and recapture her previous life, from the innocuous to the weird.
Additionally, the series‘ plotline may seem quite obvious to those who have read the novel. To learn more, we will all have to wait and see the show.

wellmania netflix
wellmania netflix

Release Date

There is no information available on when the series will be available on Netflix as of this writing. However, the filming started in the first week of February this year. It appears that the network has verified that the series has eight half-hour episodes. Additionally, the show is reportedly scheduled to premiere on January 15, 2023


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