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What We Know So Far About Teen Comedy Starring Lana Condor

A new limited series on Netflix is taking the premise of the main character experiencing life-altering experiences a little more seriously than most stories do. A high school student poised to emerge from her wallflower persona is the subject of the eerie comedy Boo, Bitch. She is unaware that the shell is her physical form. Erika Vu, a senior in high school played by Lana Condor, believes it’s time to live out her fantasy life and goes out on a crazy night. Except for one minor issue, everything goes better than she could have imagined: the following day, she finds herself dead!

Erika Vu must make certain decisions as a ghost now, primarily ways to wrap up some unfinished business in her life. One benefit of her new non-corporeal state is that if she wasn’t popular in high school, she certainly seems to be now. Erica is confident that her recent passing will propel her to influencer popularity and keep her out of the catacombs. Netflix’s teen ghost comedy limited series is more influenced by recent Rebel Wilson comedies like Senior Year and Book Smart than by classics like The Sixth Sense. Everything we know about the series is included below.

Boo, Bitch Release date

On July 8, 2022, Netflix will release Boo, Bitch. Eight 30-minute episodes will be included in the initial release. It is still unknown whether Netflix intends to release additional episodes because it has designated the show as a limited series. The series’ success will probably determine how many more episodes there will be.

The cast of Boo, Bitch

The most famous actor in this cast is Lana Condor. Fans may be familiar with her from some of her past Y.A./rom-com film appearances and the primary part of Erika Vu, which she portrays. She is most known for her role as Lara Jean Covey in the wildly popular To All The Boys film series based on the Jenny Han novel series of the same name. Alongside Cole Sprouse, she most recently appeared in the science fiction romance comedy Moonshot on HBO Max. Condor is listed as the show’s executive producer in addition to its star. In an interview with Seventeen Magazine, Lana makes some significant allusions to Erika Vu, the character she plays: She said, “My character becomes the worst person ever,” she explained. “She’s crappy and mean.”

Some upcoming young stars are seated next to Lana Condor. Other cast members include Jason Genao (On My Block) as Devon, Aparna Brielle (A.P. Bio) as Riley, Tenzing Norgay Trainor (Liv and Maddie) as Gavin, and Zoe Colletti (Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark) as Gia.

The plot of Boo, Bitch

Po currently resides in the Valley of Peace with his father, Ping, doing his thing, saving people from harm, and making an effort to live up to his name. However, his decision-making goes wrong when there is a mysterious attack, and the populace loses faith in him. Po is upset and saddened by his failure and looks for atonement. At that point, Wandering Blade shows up at his door. Legendary English knight Wandering Blade has set out to prevent two weasels from acquiring four mystical and potent weapons that would enable them to destroy everything and conquer the world.

This might be Po’s only chance to reclaim his notoriety and respect. To help the Knight find those weapons before the weasels, the Dragon Master joins her on her journey. And perhaps they will learn something about life, themselves, and each other along the road. The plot of Boo, Bitch is unrelated to previous films or the DreamWorks franchise’s animated series. The planned Netflix series, albeit the ninth spin-off from the film trilogy, has an entirely new plot and the cast of characters, except Po, Ping, and Pei Pei. Therefore, you can still enjoy the next series as a standalone tale even if you haven’t seen any of the Kung Fu Panda films or series (and you should do so).

This series will be yet another fantastic adventure for Po, as he must leave his home and anxieties behind and set out on a life-changing journey for fans of the Kung Fu Panda film franchise. 


These days, ghost stories are many; what makes this one unique? According to the trailer, this one has a unique blend of teen humor. Also, supernatural coming-of-age stories that could be popular. The show doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously and focuses on the humorous aspects of Vu’s premature death. It was first hinted at in the trailer. It’s good to see Lana Condor’s funny side as she adopts a more humorous approach. It is to fans of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before may be accustomed to. She thinks she can walk through a glass door like ghosts from television. Also, popular culture at one point post-mortem, walking face-first through it.

In another, she mentions that at least she cannot become pregnant as a ghost. Several significant show story points are also revealed in the trailer. Vu is reportedly stranded on Earth because she needs to complete some tasks from her previous life as a mortal. She naturally discovers a way around the whole death thing. She discovers that if she is more well-known in death than she was in life. So, she will be able to survive. Vu transforms from a high school nobody into a spectral diva in her afterlife as she strives to live the life she’s always desired. And the trailer’s motto is “Something bitchy this way comes.”


When Does Boo, Bitch Come Out?

On July 8, 2022, Netflix will release Boo, Bitch. Eight 30-minute episodes will be included in the initial release.

What is the Boo, Bitch’s cast list?

Jami Alix as Lea, Aparna Brielle as Riley, Conor Husting as Jake W. And more complete the roster of high school students.

Where is the Boo, Bitch miniseries available?

It’ll be available on Netflix.


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