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What You Need To Know About The Horror Hit V/H/S/99

The fifth instalment of the V/H/S/99 horror anthology series will be out in October. The franchise of terrifying found video movies, started by director and producer Brad Miska (Southbound), pulls together a variety of horror authors and filmmakers to craft a creative mashup of fascinating tales of terror once more. The first V/H/S movie was out in 2012 and its debut at the Sundance Film Festival, where it terrified viewers all around the world. Three other V/H/S anthologies and the SiREN spin-off have since been out. The stories of how the VHS tapes were serve as a storyline between the shorts, which bring to life various types of horror with unique twists. The movies frequently have a central theme. 

Every new release has something for everyone and things you wouldn’t anticipate, including aliens, demons, cults, crazy scientists, and more. The newest entry in the series, V/H/S/99, is here to centre on the year it takes its name from, 1999, fusing nostalgic themes with the genre’s signature skin-crawling, mind-bending, gut-wrenching horror. This article will enable you to locate the information you seek without having to sift through an undead man’s filthy basement if you’re in learning more about the most recent instalment of the frightful franchise, the minds behind the scary films, as well as when and where you can get your hands on a copy.


V/H/S/99 Release date

In September 2022, V/H/S/99 made its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, where it won accolades for its portrayals of typical phobias, visual appeal, and usefulness. Do not worry if you missed the film’s first showing. It won’t start playing on your staticky phone screen by itself to fill you with furious wrath, but it launched on October 20th, just in time for Halloween.

The cast of V/H/S/99  

Tyler McIntyre conceptualised the “The Gawkers” anthology piece. McIntyre is well-known for the 2017 slasher movie Tragedy Girls, which follows two high school girls who start their tragedy after reading about terrible catastrophes on a blog. The girls deceive their unwitting victims and the whole public while wreaking terrible havoc on their little midwestern town. They do this by portraying themselves as innocent and naive. The V/H/S/99 teaser suggests that viewers may expect more of McIntyre’s teen slasher gore with a 90s gutter punk twist.

Johannes Roberts, who wrote and directed Resident Evil : Welcome to Raccoon City in 2021 with Kaya Scodelario and Tom Hopper, is the creator of the short film “Suicide Bid.” Roberts also directed the claustrophobic and terrifying 47 Meters Down movies, which feature one of the ocean’s most feared predators: great white sharks. Robert’s Suicide Bid, which has a foundation in gore and claustrophobic fear, is sure to give audiences the chills with some anxiety-inducing, visceral terror.

The short film “Shredding” was written and directed by filmmaker Maggie Levin. Most recently, Levin served as the second unit director for the 2021 film The Black Phone, which stars Ethan Hawke. She also wrote and directed an episode of the fantasy horror series Into The Dark before working on another horror anthology. Retrograde, Levin’s upcoming endeavour, was recently made public.


Other details :

The sci-fi thriller is believed to follow a scientist as he makes risky adjustments to the course of time. The cast for shredding is Verona Blue as Deirdre, Dashiell Derrickson as Chris Carbonara, Tybee Diskin as RC, Jackson Kelly as Kaleb, Jesse LaTourette as Rachel, Kelley Missal as Jessie, Melissa Macedo as Jessie Deux, Aminah Nieves as Charissa, Keanush Tafreshi as Ankur.

The “Suicide Bid” cast includes Alexia Ioannides as Lily and Rolando Davila-Beltran as Brian.

“Ozzy’s Dungeon” and “The Gawkers” have the following cast

  • Steven Ogg
  • Sonya Eddy
  • Stephanie Ray as Ozzy
  • Amelia Ann as Donna
  • Luke Mullen as Dylan
  • Emily Sweet as Sandra
  • Tyler Lofton as Kurt
  • Duncan Anderson as Boner
  • Ethan Pogue as Brady
  • Cree Kawa as Mark
  • Janna Bossier as Mom
  • Wallis Barton as Emma

“To Hell And Back” includes :

  • Joseph Winter as Troy
  • Archelaus Crisanto as Nate
  • Melanie Stone as Mabel

The plot of V/H/S/99  

The official summary for the anthology movie reads :

Witness a horrifying portrayal of 1999 when social isolation, analogue technology, and frightening home videos collide to create a nightmare of brutal found footage.

V/H/S/99 will include a blood-spattered New Year’s Eve party, a fever dream of a ritual performed by cloaked figures who move with unsettling symmetry, a situation in which someone is buried alive, and an expressive, rashy, and scabby encounter that forces viewers to confront their fears through visceral images. The movie also incorporates many throwback nods to the era, including the game show Legends of the Hidden Temple, the band Limp Bizkit, and the peculiar fear around the Y2K computer calendar layout.


The V/H/S/99 teaser, made available on the Shudder official YouTube website, takes viewers back to the late 1990s with striped polo shirts, bleached hair, jelly bracelets, and horrifying, eerie images captured by handheld cameras that foreshadow the terror to come.

FAQs :

VHS 94, is it actual ?

The fourth entry in the V/H/S series and an American found footage horror anthology film from 2021 is titled V/H/S/94.

What is the VHS narrative ?

Four criminals who make money by posting videos of their violent escapades online are here to steal a VHS tape from a creepy old mansion. But things get much worse when they discover a deceased elderly and dozens more tapes.

Is VHS 94 Afraidsome ?

Fans of found-footage and horror generally like “V/H/S/94,” which is a perfect film. The VHS aesthetic will also appeal to those who don’t particularly like these genres. 

Does VHS 94 depict an actual event ?

This film is thought to be on a true story. So, the film’s director is Jennifer Redder. The audience has responded favourably to it all across the world.


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