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WhatsApp has banned 3 million Indian accounts as per their second compliance report

WhatsApp up is a largely used messaging app and now this message service app has banned over 3 million Indian accounts just within a 46 day period that is from 16th June to 1st July, due to some new information technology rules 2021. This was mentioned by the second compliance report of the messaging app. 

WhatsApp received around 137 reports for account support and out of which one was actioned. The other 316 requests to ban accounts were received all of which 73 were actioned. In the reported period, the messaging giant has now banned a total of 3,027,000.

WhatsApp spokesperson has also stated on this issue and said that WhatsApp is an industry leader in preventing abuse among end to end encrypted messaging services. Over the years we have consistently invested in artificial intelligence and other state of art technology, data scientists, and experts, and processes to keep our users safe on a platform. Following the IT rules 2021, we have published the r s monthly report for the 46 days from 16 June to 31st July. This user safety report contains details of the user complaints received and the corresponding action taken by WhatsApp on preventive actions to combat abuse on our platform.”

The Indian accounts which are identified by +91 in their mobile numbers were banned and actioned through WhatsApp’s prevention and detection methods as they violated either country’s laws or the terms for services of the company. The complaints were received by WhatsApp through emails that mention the violations of WhatsApp’s Terms of services. Some also questioned about the account on WhatsApp which was published in the help center, or news received by the India grievance officer via post. WhatsApp has also banned 2 million Indian accounts in its first compliance report which also covered the time between 15 May and 15 June.

Previously, WhatsApp spoke about the prevention of accounts that send automated bulk spam messages at scale. And for this, the use of artificial intelligence helps to identify suspicious behavior of the accounts that send abnormal rates of messages, and then it bans millions of accounts that attempt this kind of abuse in India and also across the world. As WhatsApp has end-to-end encryption and thus no one can take a look at the content of any messages. In addition to the behavioral signals of the accounts. It depends on the available non encrypted information which includes profile photos, user reports, group photos, descriptions. It uses advanced AI tools to detect abuse on the platform and also for prevention. Many users contact the WhatsApp team for restoring the account or to ban some accounts and also for product or account support.

These reports are a compliance requirement that depends on the information technology rules, or we can say the IT rules of 2021, which were notified on February 25. These rules stated that the intermediaries of social media who have more than 5 million users published every month their periodic comprehensive report including the details of complaints received and the actions taken.

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