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When Gotham Leaving Netflix, Know here?

Gotham, the Batman prequel series created by Bruno Heller, mostly followed James Gordon as he progressed through the ranks of the Gotham Police Department and witnessed some of the villains’ origin stories that would later be pitted against the cape crusader.

Even though Warner Bros. Television produced the show, it was broadcast on Fox in the US. The exclusivity Netflix has enjoyed in the majority of the world’s regions since 2015 will soon come to an end after they obtained the global streaming rights.

In July 2022, Gotham will no longer be available on Netflix in the UK. A withdrawal notice that is currently visible on UK Netflix suggests that the first domino will fall in July 2022.

The message (shown below) indicates that your “Last day to view on Netflix” is July 23, meaning that it will actually be removed on July 24. Because season 5 was made available on Netflix in the UK on July 24, that date is noteworthy.

With the inclusion of season 5, it appears that Netflix will continue to air the series in the majority of international markets for three years.

When will Gotham end its run on Netflix in America?

This information and the fact that it, like the UK, aligns three years after the final season is added to Netflix indicate that Gotham will leave Netflix in September 2022. For those who don’t know, Netflix US has been airing new seasons of the show every year since the first season premiered in 2015.

On September 30, 2019, the fifth and final season was added to Netflix. It will conclude its run there on September 30, 2022.

When will Gotham depart from Netflix in other countries?

Australia has been gradually losing Gotham since last year. You lost Season 1 in 2021, and most recently, Seasons 2-4 were taken away, leaving only Season 5. Given that it won’t expire until January 2023, Canada will be able to cling onto Gotham a little longer than the other regions.

The majority of the world’s regions, according to Unogs, have the series available for streaming. In all cases, we would anticipate the show to have left every region by the end of 2023.

After quitting Netflix, where will Gotham stream?

It is up to Warner Bros. Television to decide where the show goes next since they are regaining control of the license (it was previously owned by Fox). However, we believe they’ll be keeping the license in the majority of global regions to add to their HBO Max service. It could be sold to another streaming service.

HBO Max is currently pretty much the only place to find anything DC-related, as you may already be aware. Beyond that, all things DC are on HBO, though Netflix in the US continues to receive yearly additions of The Flash and international Netflix regions continue to receive new seasons of Titans. Additionally, you can only find Sweet Tooth and The Sandman on Netflix globally.

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