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    Who proposed the first in the relationship? Revealed by Shruti Haasan!

    Shruti Haasan is one actress who remains active on her social media platforms. She never forgets to update her fans by posting amazing photos and videos. She posts everything related to her professional life or personal life. It’s been a year; we came to know that Shruti Haasan and her boyfriend Santanu Hazarika are in a relationship. The actress also uploads many photos with her boyfriend and shares them with her fans. The duo posts many images and videos together on the social media platform.

    Recently, Shruti Haasan and boyfriend Santanu Hazarika took a couples quiz on Instagram. The couples quiz was all about the questions about each other, and they answered them amazingly. In the series of questions, it was also asked who proposed first in the relationship. As a result, the actress revealed the one who proposed first. In the video, Shruti Haasan revealed she was the first one to propose in their relationship. When the duo was also asked who was the protective among them, they both pointed to each other. It’s been also known that the duo has been dating for a couple of years now.

    Shruti Haasan reveals who proposed first in their relationship!

    We all know that Shruti Haasan is an active social media user. She often posts photos and videos and keeps updating her fans. It is also seen that Shruti Haasan and Santanu Hazarika share funny photos and videos. They share many posts on social media platform frequently. Shruti Haasan and Santanu Hazarika went public about their relationship in January 2021. The couple often goes to dates. They also visit many art exhibitions.

    Shruti Haasan and Santanu took a couples quiz on Instagram on January 9th. The couples quiz asked a series of questions about each other. The first question that the quiz asked was: who got interested first? To which Shruti pointed to Santanu, and Santanu did the opposite. Then it was also asked who proposed first? Shruti pointed to herself, and Santanu agreed to it. When the question “who is more protective” came, both pointed at each other.

    Both revealed that Shruti cleans the most and Santanu eats the most. Akshara, Shruti’s sister, commented on the post. She wrote, “truly a good morning (sic),” with some laughing emojis.

    The post gained a lot of likes and comments from users all around the social media platform. A user commented, “who is the cutest?- both!!!!” While the other user commented, “Cutiessssss.” The whole comment section was fully filled with a lot of comments addressing them as a cute couple. 

    The video was also shared on other social media platforms too. Many fans loved the cuteness that was completely filled in the video. And many of them loved house Shruti Haasan was the one to propose first. The video started trending and soon hit all the headlines.

    Here are Shruti Haasan’s photos with some of her favourite humans:

    As we mentioned earlier, Shruti Hasan is an active social media user. She loves posting various photos and videos. She has also shared a lot of photos with her boyfriend Santanu. The couple often posts many cute and hilarious pictures and even candids. In addition to this, Shruti Haasan also publishes a lot of photos with her sister. She also shares inspirational quotes. In addition to this, she loves to share show looks and videos related to music. Here are the posts with her favourite humans:

    Shruti Haasan and Santanu Hazarika have been dating each other for a couple of years. They opened up about their relationship in January 2021. The couple often posts photos and videos of themselves together. They post it on their Instagram accounts and keep updating their fans.

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