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Why is the internet getting so hyped with a calf born on Navratri?

We do come across so many incidents that seem to be completely bizarre and unbelievable but are followed by many people around the globe. The news of people worshiping different things goes crazy viral on the internet always. Well, the news of this little calf is something similar to it. 

The beautiful calf was born during Navratri in India. Its features are what have made this little calf so famous and special. The calf was born with two heads and three eyes in Odisha’s Nabarangpur. When the people living in the nearby houses came to know about the car and its special features they couldn’t hold back and started worshipping the animal. 

As per the belief of the local people the animal was born with such different features because it is an avatar of Maa Durga and they all truly believed that fact and started spreading the news to everyone they knew. Talking about the little calf, it was born to a cow owned by Dhaniram. Dhaniram is a farmer who is located in the Bijapur village of Kumuli panchayat which is located in Nabrangpur District. 

When the farmer saw the baby calf, it truly surprised the farmer and his family. As per Dhaniram, he bought the cow two years ago. Also, the cow was pregnant recently as per the statement given by him. When the cow went into labor, she was having some trouble delivering the calf. When Dhaniram examined the cow, he came to know that the calf. He was the one to find out that the calf was born with two heads and three eyes which became very shocking news for him, his family members, and all the people who are staying in the same village. 

As per the statement given by the Dhaniram’s son to India today, “The calf is having trouble drinking milk from its mother, so we have to purchase milk from outside and feed her.” Also, another amazing fact about this unique calf is that it was born on the occasion of Navratri. As all the people in the nearby area came to know about its features and the day it was born, they started to gather together to look at the tiny calf and for worshipping the calf.

They consider it as the avatar of Maa Durga. Also, the villagers have found a unique way to worship the calf as the avatar of the Maa Durga. The villagers are worshipping the calf after making the little calf face the south direction. As per their belief, the direction is considered very pious to them.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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