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With the help of Habit stacking a woman lose her 130 pounds and She said “Small changes is the key of success”

Sabrina Osland’s commitment to investing in herself after dropping 130 pounds was the key to her success. Osland, 41, of Chanhassen, Minnesota, told that someone asking her if she would ever skip a work meeting or call in sick unnecessarily was a turning point in her devotion. It was an easy “no” for Osland, who has “a pretty good work ethic.” Osland, on the other hand, admitted that she had “easily” skipped gym courses in the past.

“The question was posed: ‘Why would you treat your job more seriously than yourself?'” According to Osland. That’s when she realized, that “I am important, and I need to invest in myself so that I can be greater for my career, for my family, for my home life, just for me in general.”
In the year 2019, Osland began her weight-loss journey. She weighed 266 pounds at the time. Osland said she took a look at her food and exercise habits and made some simple changes. She started off by moving for 15 minutes a day and gradually increased to 30 minutes.

She stated that writing her workouts down on her calendar helped her stay on track and consistent. “What really helped me was just making sure I placed it in my calendar,” Osland said. “Not only on my personal calendar but also on my work calendar.” “So I started blocking off time to make sure it got done.”
Osland also stated that she sought the advice of doctors and dietitians in order to change her cooking and eating habits. She said she learned to prepare healthy food that was also easy for her schedule, and she began planning her meals. Osland claimed she planned her meals ahead of time so she wouldn’t miss any, which could have led to her snacking throughout the day.

Osland joined an Alpha Strong small group at her local Life Time fitness club where she improved her strength training and found a supportive and encouraging community. “It definitely helped me gain strength, especially as I was losing weight.” “It was extremely vital to me to be able to build more muscle so that I didn’t have drooping skin and could fill it out with something positive.”
Osland’s Life Time Alpha coach, Dan Hove, gave five tips on how to start and stick with a fitness journey.

• Be honest with yourself and your eating

Setting appropriate goals is important. “Don’t establish a high objective like competing in the Olympics,”. “Make sure that this objective is genuinely realistic for you, and for most people, starting small is always the best bet.” Then, once you’ve completed those small tasks, you’ll acquire so much momentum that things will become increasingly easier as you go.” Sticking to unprocessed foods will help you achieve your fitness goals. “I always tell people,” Hove said, “to get back to actual, out of the ground, cultivated food.” “It’s usually not for you if it comes in a box or a can. As a result, do your best to always eat actual food.”

• Allow yourself to take a break every once in a while.

Fitness journeys are such a long process, “Not everyone will attain their fitness objective while being 100% perfect along the way.” And it isn’t the point at all. It’s all about following the steps and remaining consistent over time.”

• Find a community that you can trust.

According to Hove, joining a supportive network can motivate you to stay fit and make healthier choices. “I usually urge people,” Hove continued, “create a circle of trust.” “Whatever it is, find someone to hold you accountable along the way, because you’ll be far more effective doing that than trying to do it on your own,”.

• Make a list of reminders for yourself on a daily basis.

“Set it as your phone’s backdrop, stick it on a post-it note in your bedroom, put it in your calendar as a daily reminder, set it as your phone’s wake-up alarm,”.

• Maintain a record of your progress.

It’s important, according to Hove, to photograph or otherwise document what you’ve accomplished so that you can see how far you’ve come when you look back. “Having the individual doing the task see the results of their hard work along the road is always beneficial because it gives them more momentum, more energy, and more fire to keep going,”.



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