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Woman from Gujarat turns up at the examination center wearing her bridal attire!

Over the years the fact that education is important for both men and women has been spread across the world noting its importance and spreading awareness regarding it. Well, we have often heard people saying that everyone should put education first, and this woman in Gujarat has been completely following this fact. Managed to write her exam on her wedding day and the news that was available online started spreading among several social media users who are impressed by the women’s hard work and interest in her education. She was all ready to get married wearing her makeup and was seen in her bridal attire. She turned up at the examination center in her bridal attire and decided to write her paper before tying the knot. 

Now, the video which was captured of the Gujarati bride is going crazy viral on the Internet and has been one of the most inspiring that you will find today. In the video, we can see the bride from Rajkot wearing a beautiful red lehenga and heavy jewelry calmly sitting at a desk busy writing answers. The inspiring amazing video started with a serious conversation showing that young girls even in the year 2021 have to face a lot of and go away from their dreams of pursuing higher education or getting well educated to get married at the right age.

The bride, in the now got video is identified as Shivangi Bagthariya by the local media. She is a student of Shanti Niketan College and was appearing for her fifth-semester exam for Bachelor of Social Work (BSW). According to many reports, she came to the venue along with her would-be-husband. 

Both were seen dressed up all in their wedding outfits and after talking to you reporters the beautiful bride explained the date of their wedding was set before the exam schedule was announced. Well, it will go as per the plan as it sadly overlapped. However, the girl made sure she could write her exam, and thankfully both the families were fully supportive of her idea. Both the families agreed that the exam was important.

 They adjusted the timing of the wedding and also made sure that the bride could take her exam first and then tie the knot with her soon-to-be husband. Many praised the woman as well as the families for giving so much importance to her education. Many also stated that this bride and her family can set an example and also inspire many other young girls and families to give priority to the girl’s education. 

A social media user working across the post commented, “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” Another social media user wrote, “Good to see people, Husband, and In-Laws encouraging their daughter-in-law for studies.”

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