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Woman tries to get her own death certificate to avoid driving offenses!

It is easy to know all things people can do to just get out of trouble. A story of a woman who actually crossed all the limits is going very viral on social media platforms. The fact that this woman tried to fake her own death is something that will really shock you. Yes, you read that right. She tries to fake her own death so that she can easily avoid facing prosecution for driving offenses.

Woman tries to get her own death certificate:

Now this woman is jailed in London and the news is going very viral among people around the globe. Zoe Bernard is a 38 years old woman who is living in Kensington. Well, as per the reports she was already disbarred from driving. That was when she got arrested. She was driving carelessly and was not coming to stop. This incident happened in Kilburn back in 2020. So she wanted the police officials to not get into trouble. Zoe Bernard thus came to the decision in order to avoid any problem from the government. The 38-year-old woman went ahead to apply for her own death certificate. 

She thought that she would be able to convince the police officials that she had died. As per the reports by Essex Live Bernard, who claimed to be a Grenfell fire survivor. So, she gave a false name when police officers caught her driving carelessly. This is when she was being banned and without insurance. So this lady decided to fake her death. She came to this conclusion after law enforcement agencies came to know about her real identity. Further, the report added, The Southwark Crown Court came across her case. They recently found that she has a huge list of previous convictions.

A strategy gone wrong:

 Also, it includes drink-driving, driving while disqualified, battery and assaulting police officers. Thus, the court gave her a sentence to be jailed for eight months. It is for “perverting the course of justice,” Coventry Telegraph stated while. giving the reports. As per the reports by BBC News, Bernard acted like her sister Shanice when the police officers called her. She even said “Zoe” had died already. Well, an online request was filed for the death certificate by her. However, that certificate was not issued because there was no death registered legally. 

The report also explained that her lawyer told the court that she had physical and mental health problems. They also said that Zoe had suffered a string of tragedies. But the judge didn’t quite believe in it. “This offense was clearly the result of some degree of thought and planning by you,” the judge was quoted as saying. “I am quite satisfied this was an effort on your part to deceive the police.” All the social media users who came across this story were in complete shock. Many people also thought that she should not have gone to this limit in order to just get out of the trouble. The story of her and her past convictions is just spreading so virally around the globe.

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Swetha Sivakumar
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