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Wondering how much prize money each team in the T20 World Cup 2021 received?

With the end of the series now each Australian fan is happy and their team won. They created history in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). They won the final match against New Zealand by 8 wickets in T20 World Cup. Talking about finances involved in the tournament, let’s look at the prize money that each team will get. The total prize money of the 2021 T20 World Cup is $5.6 Million (INR 42 Crores) and it will be divided among the 16 participating teams. 

The winners,  that is the team of Australia will get a total amount of INR 13.1 Crores ( an additional INR 1.2 Crores for winning 4 out of their 5 league matches in the Super 12 stages). New Zealand will receive INR 7.15 Crores (INR 5.95 Crores as the runners-up and an additional INR 1.2 Crores for posting 4 wins in the Super 12 stages).  England and Pakistan will receive a sum of $400000 each (INR 3 Crores). England will receive an additional amount of INR 1.2 Crores for winning 4 out of their 5 Super 12 matches. South Africa, Sri Lanka, West Indies, and Bangladesh from Group A, and India, Afghanistan, Namibia, and Scotland from Group B were eliminated from the tournament in the Super 12 stages of the competition and each will receive a sum of INR 52 Lakhs. 

source = crictok

Apart from that, for each win posted in the Super 12, the teams will get INR 30 Lakhs per match and the 4 teams that played the T20 World Cup qualifiers but did not qualify for the Super 12 stages that is Oman, Papua New Guinea, Ireland, and The Netherlands will receive $40000 (INR 30 Lakhs), and an additional $40000 (INR 30 Lakhs). Ireland did not qualify for the Super 12 stages and this will get INR 60 Lakhs. (INR 30 Lakhs for getting eliminated and INR 30 Lakhs for posting one victory in the qualifying stages). Here is the list of the prize money that each team got in T20 World Cup

  • Australia-Winners-13.1 Crores
  • New Zealand +Runners-Up -7.15 Crores
  • Pakistan-Semifinalists-4.5 Crores
  • England-Semifinalists-4.2 Crores
  • Sri Lanka-Super 12 stages -2.02 Crores
  • South Africa-Super 12 stages-1.72 Crores
  • India-Super 12 stages-1.42 Crores
  • Namibia-Super 12 stages-1.42 Crores
  • Scotland-Super 12 stages-1.42 Crores
  • Bangladesh-Super 12 stages-1.12 Crores
  • Afghanistan-Super 12 stages-1.12 Crores
  • West Indies-Super 12 stages-0.82 Crores
  • Oman-Eliminated in Round 1-0.6 Crores
  • Ireland-Eliminated in Round 1-0.6 Crores
  • Papua New Guinea-Eliminated in Round 1- 0.3 Crores
  • The Netherlands- Eliminated in Round 1-0.3 Crores
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