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World Tourism day 2021: know about its history, significance, and theme.

It is indeed that the tourism and the economy of the country support each other greatly. It is one of the many aspects and the sectors of a country’s economy that helps to boost the country’s GDP as it helps to provide employment opportunities to many people out there in the world. In addition to this tourism also helps to preserve a country’s culture and history and also helps to spread the country’s culture All around The World to make people aware of it. So because of this September 27 is known to celebrate World Tourism Day. Interest in the political, social, economic, and cultural impacts of tourism at discussion and this outside help to raise awareness about the same and what impact it makes on our economy.

So for this year’s World tourism day, it highlights tourism’s special ability to make sure that none will be left behind as the world begins to open up again, and tries to be back to normal. This time, the day also highlights the travel sector’s importance in protecting and promoting the culture and heritage all around the globe. 

The history:

World Tourism Day has been celebrated annually across the world on September 27th ever since 1980. In 1970, on this day, the Statues of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation were adopted which was also considered a milestone in world tourism. This indeed helped to make a way for the establishment of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation after 5 years. On September 27th, 1980, the first world tourism day was celebrated by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation. 

The significance:

World Tourism Day aims to spread awareness on the importance of tourism in affecting the social, cultural, economical, and political values of the International community. Especially during this pandemic time, it has become important to raise awareness about the tourism sector as 90% of a World Heritage site has been closed till now and because of the pandemic, many young people in rural communities have become unemployed. Well in addition to this in 2021 32 million people Hard 2 face extreme poverty. Women in the least developed countries have suffered poverty because of the pandemic and the one reason for this is that most of the women used to work in the tourism sector and other factors that were most affected by the covid-19 virus.

So according to the United Nations World Tourism Organisation, World Tourism day “is the global observance day fostering awareness of tourism social, cultural, political and economic value and the contribution that the sector can make to reaching the sustainable development goals.”

The theme of World Tourism Day:
Talking about the theme for World Tourism Day, it is “tourism for inclusive growth.” Surely covid-19 has caused a major impact on everyone around the globe. As this pandemic has also broken families it also made a devastating impact on an economy all around the world. And surely one of the sectors in which covid-19 has caused the great loss was tourism. By keeping this theme in mind, the United Nations World Tourism Organisation finally aims to rebuild the globe by once again bringing back tourism as after so many months the countries are slowly returning to their normal form. So if tourism gets started, it will once again boost up the economy. And in addition to this the result in the growth of tourism should be spread far and wide that is at every corner of the world and no community should be left behind in this.

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