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Wrestler Ravi Dahiya performs well and enters the final round, assured to get at least a silver medal

Indian wrestler Ravi Dahiya defeats Sanayev in the semi-final round of the men’s freestyle 57 kg wrestling and makes his way to the final round which is coming soon. Along with this, he has also assured the country to win a silver medal by qualifying for the final round. Dahiya Sony showed an epic comeback and a silver medal assurance from his side which hit the headlines for sure. With this news, India won their fourth medal in Olympics 2020 and the fans are so looking forward to his next performance.

Dahiya’s brilliant wrestling moves surely caused a lot of pressure on his opponent. He was down 9-2 with just under two minutes to go and he really performed very well and got a grapple over his opponent in the fight. His moves took down Sanayev to fight back and his display of strength sealed the contest for the Indian. 

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His next round, which is the final round, is all set for tomorrow and he will be in action and playing against his strong opponent that is ROC’s Uguev. He is the third seed of the tournament and a billion players will be behind Dahiya so that he can win the match and get the gold medal for the country. Surely this was one of the finest comebacks that we have seen in the history of the Olympics and many fans are praising him for such a great comeback.

Ravi Kumar first reduced the deficit to 5-9 and then he pinned the Kazakh player down on the mat with his greater moves which eventually led him to win the match and to step into the final round with the bout by fall. Well, the bout started in such a way where both the wrestlers were in registering points in the initial minute of the very first round and sizing up the opponent. Sanayev almost was on the edge of winning the match as he registered 8 points continuously by pulling off the dreaded fitele move on his opponent. Then he grabbed wrestler Ravi’s ankles and rolled him 4 times which gave him 8 points to take advantage to 9-2. But Ravi Kumar was well planned and he first reduced the deficit to 5-9 as pushed the player out of the mad and this movie of Ravi bamboozled Sanayev as he also hurt his leg. 

This great move really helped him in the match to win it and now he will be playing the final round. If Ravi wins the medal then he will be the fourth wrestler from India to win an Olympic medal after KD Jadhav who won a bronze medal in the year 1952. Other players from India who won medals and the Olympics include Sushil Kumar who won a bronze medal in the year 2008 and a silver medal in 2012 and Yogeshwar Dutt who won a bronze medal in the year 2008.

 Along with him the other Indian players who qualified for the semifinal wrestling round include Deepak Punia who got defeated in the semifinal by American player David Taylor in the men’s 86 kg category. The American wrestler was too good and experienced in front of the inexperienced Indian wrestler who was never in a fight and thus he did not make it to the finals.



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