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Yong Girl’s Body Found in the Backyard

The Two young girls missing for years and hidden in the backyard of a Pennsylvania home. It has led to the arrest of two women. Nicole, who was 6 years old when she died or was killed was buried in 2016 while Jasmine 4 at the time of her death was buried in 2017 according to investigators.

Girl’s bodies were Transported to Erie for examination by a forensic anthropologist. The girls mother 32 year old Marie Synder and her partner Echo Butler 26 have been arrested on charges of child endangerment and obstruction in country. The authorities have opened a homicide investigation. The Williansport Sun Gazette reported.

Authority said the father of the girls reported last having seen 2015, the same year as their last contact with medical court or other personnel. Robert Mausteller of the township police department said officials were allegedly told in September that the girls were staying with a friend but they never got a name.

The Children and Youth Services department earlier took custody of a son for care. The agency began investigating after reports of concerns about educational issues involving the 7 year old son in September, Kriner said. Officials then learned that Marie Snyder had two other children who were unaccounted for and last month sought help from police. Marie Snyder was arrested at her Clinton County workplace Nov. 4 and refused to provide information about the the missing girls. The property was searched several times over the next few days and the remains were found over the weekend.

Kriner said he and the county district attorney consider a horrific situation and vowed that their investigation will not conclude until justice is brought on behalf of these two young girls. He said other agencies including state police and the FBI assisted in the search.
Both women were ordered held without bail pending a Nov. 17 preliminary hearing. Court documents don’t list attorneys representing the defendants messages were left at phone numbers listed in their names.



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