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Young boy’s Ninja moves caught on camera. Internet left in splits

We use the internet and love watching entertaining videos. In the huge list of videos that usually go viral we find videos of toddlers always. Young kids showing their talent and unique skills. It is something that is always eye-catching. Also who can say no to a typical sibling video. Well now over the years we have seen that several videos and tiktoks are all revolving on the topic of having siblings. Currently such a video of a little boy is going crazy viral on the Internet. The only reason is the video going viral because of the boy doing some amazing Ninja techniques. The little boy got his brother’s best talent out and luckily it was available online as it is on camera. 

Thanks to the closed circuit camera that called their video. It not only made them so famous on the internet but also many are praising the boy.  We know the bond of brothers is something that no one can match up with. It can be annoying and at the same time too much loving. Especially if you are someone who has an elder brother. Well you will know that sometimes they are acting as heroes. Well something like that happened to this young guy. 

The little boy was able to bring the best Ninja moves from his brother. This is what is now going so crazy viral on the Internet. All the social media users who came across it loved it. It totally fell in love with the sibling Bond and also found it too entertaining. In the now going viral video you can get a glimpse of this sibling Bond. In the video, there is an older brother who is trying to open a door. He looks like he is in a hurry and once she gets inside the house quickly. 

That is when he turns back to check his younger brother is standing behind him. When he found his little younger brother approaching he did something unexpected. Well, he quickly gets inside the house and locks the door in order to just tease his brother. He tries to lock the door and that is when the younger brother fansa something happening. He within a split-second threw his jacket on the door. Well this caused the other brothers lockout attempt. 

He then walks off coolly forward with the elder one. The young one over the next part in the video just giggles cutely. He also realizes that he has done the best with his brother’s lockout attempt. The elder brother in the video then hurriedly opens the door of their house. He looks back to check if his younger brother is close by.

 Once he spies the little boy approaching, he goes inside and tries to lock the door. The younger brother senses the urgency of the moment. Within a split second, he throws a jacket at the door, failing his brother’s lockout attempt. He maintains his cool and walks forward, only to get won over his amazing elder brother. The younger one then giggles after he realizes that he did slay his brother’s lockout attempt. “Lockout brother attempt Ninja Level response,” says the caption of the tweet.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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