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YouTube Shorts will soon be available on PCs and iPads.

YouTube Shorts, YouTube’s small video clip format, had only been available on mobile phones until today, but there’s good news for desktop and tablet users. These platforms are also getting this format. The rollout is slated to begin in the ‘coming several weeks,’ though no exact timetable has been given. This appears to be a welcome step for those who prefer to view stuff on a larger screen.

Also, be prepared for more compulsive scrolling, as YouTube says that the new Shorts tab will be available on the web and tablets as soon as the feature is available. It could only be utilised on smartphones until now, and even then, it was limited. Because there was no support for YouTube Shorts for tablets before today, foldables like the Galaxy Z fold series were unable to access it. While the Shorts will be available on tablets and the web, no details on how they will be deployed are available at this time. YouTube Shorts are housed in their own section on smartphones, but it’s unclear whether this will be the case on tablets or the web.

Another support has been introduced for YouTube Shorts from the makers’ perspective. YouTube will soon allow creators to splice in content from longer videos, as well as choosing from a vast library of already published content. Shorts are video and audio segments of videos that range from one to five seconds long and are available on qualified videos. “You can make a Short with a music from our library or original audio from a variety of different short and long-form videos. Shorts with sampled audio are credited to the original video of the source producer,” according to the YouTube support website.

“Due to who has claimed copyright ownership or their privacy settings, certain videos may be unavailable.” Videos claimed by a third-party copyright owner, for example, and private videos, for example, are not permitted to be utilised. “We also provide artists the option of limiting the usage of audio from their long-form videos in other people’s Shorts,” the company noted.

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