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Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid co-parent daughter Khai after parting ways

Celebrity couples always stay in the limelight. Like any other celebrity couple, Gigi Hadid And Zyan Malik are everyone’s favorite. As much as people are connected to them, they often toy with their relationship’s emotions with ups and downs. At times they are strong, and the next moment it’s over. The moment we believe there is no coming back, they are together. When they had a baby together, they were together for real, but now on 28th October 2021, some not-so-good reports claim they broke up because Zayn allegedly struck Gigi’s mom, Yolanda. 

On 23rd September 2020, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik officials became parents to the beautiful daughter. They named their daughter Khai. The couple happily announced the news of their firstborn child on social media. 

source = indiatoday

Zayn tweeted that their baby girl is all healthy and beautiful. He further says he is trying to put in the words what he is feeling, but the feeling is beyond it, and it will be an impossible task to do it. The love he is feeling from the little human is beyond understanding. He further thanks to the universe by saying that he is very grateful to know her, very proud that he calls her his, and blessed to have a life together. He tweeted this beautiful message with a picture of him holding his daughter’s hand. 

The supermodel Gigi Hadid and the singer Zyan Malik have decided to part ways, and multiple sources have confirmed the split. Gigi Hadid’s representative stated that she is completely concerned and focused on her daughter and wants some privacy during this time. However, the ex-couple will continue to co-parent their daughter. 

After Gigi’s mother revealed harsh news in the media, Zyan confronted it with all dignity and issued a statement denying all the claims put on him. It will severely affect his image, and it will also affect his daughter’s perspective in the future. 

Zyan Malik issued a statement on Thursday saying that he strongly refuses to strike Yolanda Hadid. For the sake of his daughter, he denies giving any details and hopes that Gigi’s mother will think over her false allegation and keep the private family matters private. 

The 28-year-old singer Zayn Malik also took to the media before the day to say “brutal words shared” not long after news broke to address the charges. He composed, ‘As all of you realize I am a private individual, I especially need to make a protected and private space for my girl to experience childhood. It was and still ought to be a private matter. Yet, it appears there is disruptiveness for the present, and regardless of my endeavors to reestablish us to a quiet family climate that will consider me to co-parent my girl in a way where she merits, this has been ‘spilled to the press.’

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