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Zayn Malik returns to Instagram after a month with a bearded look; admirers nicknamed him “expensive Kabir Singh.”

After one-month break, singer Zayn Malik returned to Instagram yesterday. He uploaded a photo with his supporters in which he is sporting a beard. His appearance has been compared to Shahid Kapoor’s in the film “Kabir Singh.”

While posing for the camera, the singer can be seen wearing a black leather jacket and fashionable sunglasses. He didn’t include a caption with it. Fans immediately compared his new look to that of Kabir Singh. “Expensive Kabir Singh,” wrote one of the followers. “Duplicate Kabir Singh,” said another enthusiast. “Kabir Singh, is that you?” another fan questioned.

Meanwhile, Zayn recently made news after Gigi Hadid’s mother accused him of harassing her daughter. Zayn allegedly ‘grabbed Yolanda and threw her into a dresser, causing emotional anguish and physical suffering,’ according to reports.

“I very much want to build a safe and private atmosphere for my daughter to grow up in,” Zayn said in a message on social media. A place where intimate family matters aren’t broadcast across the world for all to see and judge.” He went on to say that he pled no contest “in an effort to protect that space” for Khai, revealing that the event started with a misunderstanding “an argument I had with a member of my partner’s family who came into our home when he was gone for several weeks ago.

“This was and still should be a private matter,” he continued, “but it appears there is divisiveness for the time being, and despite my efforts to restore us to a peaceful family situation that would allow me to co-parent my daughter in the manner she deserves, this has been ‘leaked’ to the public.”



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