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Zomato responded and made some tweets in Bengali? Know here

The official Twitter account of Zomato India is a treasure of all the funny and cute tweets they make every time related to any festival or any food. The Twitter handle of Zomato India is a very fun spot for everyone as the tweets made by them are sometimes too hilarious. Well in addition to this it can also be said that the Twitter account of Zomato in there is a treasure of tweets related to food and also the questions they ask for netizens and foodies. From asking all the foodies out there about the amount of adrak they want in their chai to asking about what they would have for their dinner they just sometimes make tweets as if they are the best friends of foodies. Indeed, Zomato India tweets are very fun to read. And recently the tweet made by Zomato India’s official Twitter handle is winning everyone’s heart and especially all the Bengali netizens out there! 

So recently Zomato made a tweet enquiring to their Twitter followers. And the most amazing part is that they inquired to their Twitter followers in Bengali! They asked, “Khabar kheye niecho?”, which roughly translates into, “have you eaten your dinner?” But actually, the way they asked is much sweeter with a Bengali touch. This tweet which was shared by Zomato on October 5th has already gained more than 5,000 likes and all the Netizens and especially the Bengali netizens are surprised by Zomato’s sweet tweet for them, just before the auspicious occasion of Mahalaya! And as the Durga Puja is coming closer day by day, this cute Bengali tweet made by Zomato won everyone’s hearts. As the tweet has already gained a lot of likes it has also gained a lot of comments and the comments are filled with love and mostly in Bengali. Well, the comments section also has the essence of the biggest festival for Bengalis for sure.

As all the excited Bengalis are waiting out for the celebration of Mahalaya the advent of Durga Puja this year, Zomato decided that the perfect time to have a conversation with all the Bengali netizens out there in the Bengali language. This is a great surprise for all the Bengali netizens out there. The post has gained a lot of comments as the people got surprised by the sudden concern of Zomato, especially in the Bengali language!

“Delivery ashbe kokhon!!”, which roughly translates to “Here I am sitting with my heart full of hope when the delivery will come”, commented one Twitter user. Another one wanted Zomato to send the user a ‘Golbari’s’ Kosha-Mangsho, and wrote, “Zomato bariety gol barir kosha maango kokhun pathabey.”  Well, Golbari is actually a famous food spot in Kolkata, well known for their tasty mutton dish! 

While many of them even said the Zomato is trying to flirt in Bengali, referring to which, one user wrote, Zomato is flirting y’all.” Another user wrote, “The amazing interactions in the comments of this tweet prove that whoever “Dada” is in charge of the @zomato account now has started celebrating the Puja spirit with some potent spirits (maybe even old monks).”

Usually, on the special occasion of Mahalaya, the All India Radio (AIR) plays the ‘Mahishasura Mardini’, which is an amazing recitation of the scriptural verses of the ‘Chandi Kavya.’ Navratri starts on October 7 and ends on October 15 with Dussehra, but Bengalis who mark the Durga Puja from the sixth day of festivities will start celebrating the beginning on October 10, which is a Sasthi or it can be said the sixth day of the festivities.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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