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Zoo animals enjoy Christmas theme installations and treats. Video goes viral!

Christmas is surely one of the best times of the year when not only everything looks good but also its things like our lives are filled with happiness during this month of December. Every single year Christmas comes with lots of gifts, colorful Christmas theme decorations, and romcom Christmas movies to watch. 

However, currently, a very similar video where an entire zoo is celebrating Christmas before it has arrived is going crazy viral on the internet. In the video, you can see that not only all the visitors have fun but also the animals who are in the zoo are living the best time of their life. 

Well, all the videos and photos which were posted by the zoo management on the social media platform have hit the headlines and gone viral. In the video one can clearly see all the zoo animals enjoying Christmas theme installations and treats which are totally candy to eyes. In a video, you can see the great Sumatran tigers playing with scented candy canes. Well, as per the reports the zookeepers tend to often leave things that smell of catnip or musk. This helps to stimulate big cats and it is assumed that they may have done the same with the candy canes too. 

Few days back, the zoo staff left a set of advent calendars for the meerkats. The advent calendars had crickets inside them that are one of meerkat’s favorite foods. Advent calendars are awesome things that are traditionally supposed to be opened one by one. Well, it was not the case this time as they were opened at once by the small furry mammals. As they shared the video online, a video of a mob of mischievous meerkats relishing the crickets within minutes has also won millions of hearts on the internet. 

Well, the London zoo Twitter handle commented, “It’s safe to say that patience isn’t a meerkat’s best quality.” Later they stated that last week, the squirrel monkeys were treated with their favorite nuts that were hidden in Christmas stockings. Also, the zoo did host an outdoor trail walk with alpacas and llamas. Ahead of the launch of the Christmas festivities, the zookeepers decided to help the penguins post letters to Santa Claus just like how small children do. Located in 36 acres of outdoor space, the London zoo’s Christmas events began from 27th November 2021. 

As per the reports it is said to be continued till 3rd January 2022. All the social media users who came across the unique concept and idea of letting Zoo animals enjoy Christmas too you totally fell in love with your posts. The comment section of the videos where animals are having so much fun ahead of Christmas is filled with many adorable reactions that are given by many social media users around the globe.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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