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10 childhood things that all 90’s kids wish could bring back!

The time of the 90s was a completely different era as of now and all the kids that belong to the 90s would know the importance and the beauty of that time! From having so much time in their hands to playing with their friends and spending time with their close ones as mobile phones were not such a big trend during the era, know what 90 was. 

Amazing television shows to so many little things of that time are not found currently and these little things are something that makes every 90s kid an urge to bring them back. From the amazing video games to candies and from different toys to books everything was unique and different at that time and here are the top 10 that show you would remember and want to have them back right now.

Pepsi blue: The amazing blue drink which felt like electricity going through a body while you have a sip of it was something that was a super trend during the 90s. It made the kids during that time feel like they were having a portion that can give them superpowers.

The brick game: Nowadays kids have screen touch mobile phones to play games on whenever they want. But during that time kids used to play unique games including the coveted game that was surely different.

Bytes: Can anyone hate a dose of crispy chocolate filled snack? The Cadbury bytes was something that every care during the 90s kids loved to have as it was a packet of joy and goodness and now many are looking forward to it coming back.

The flip phone: Indeed it was a phone that felt so cool during the era that anyone who hung up on someone after having a talk with them having a flip phone in their hand looked as if they were some movie star!

Cadbury perk XL: Can anyone forget the super cool version of legendary perk Cadbury? Surely this 90s version of perk is something that is unforgettable!

Hippo: The delicious packet of chips that were amazing evening snacks among the 90s kids is something that most of the people point out very often and also wish that they can again have a taste of a packet of Hippo!

Slam books: Absolutely it is one of the most amazing things that probably we should have once again during this error too because for the people who don’t like to use phones for chatting very often can go for the slam books. It was a great way to know someone at that time.

Cassettes: Having a massive collection of cassettes with beautiful songs of the era was something that people especially the 90s kids loved to do. It was also a great way to have a peaceful evening with your close ones listening to the melodies of the era.

The 90s aesthetic cameras: To date many people love the film cameras that were produced back in the 90s. The reason behind this is that the aesthetic look that it had that fits perfectly in today’s time too in order to capture our authentic selves is something that impresses many people.

Rasna: It was one of the most favorite things of the 90s kids especially during the summer vacations. a pack of Rasna, some ice cream, adventures and games was a total package that 90s kids followed during the vacation period and the Tanki Rasna flavor brought much more fun and everything they did.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
I am Sneha Sivakumar, a writer who fell in love with Creative Writing, and loves to provide entertaining articles about famous personalities.


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