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10 Instagram accounts that every parent should follow for better parenting!

Social media nowadays is filled with tips and tricks to do many things and parenting is one of them! Nowadays, many parents are taking the help of social media platforms in order to know about their kids and all the things related to them. It is not only an amazing way to research data on child behavior but also at the same time wouldn’t it be fun to join a gang of parents who are having similar issues that you are facing with your children? Solid is a great way to discuss more about parents and also a great way to use the virtual world! Here are the top 10 Instagram accounts that help in parenting and are followed by many parents around the globe!

curious.parenting: Parents who want to teach their children good habits and behaviors and at the same time we also want to know how they can coordinate with their kids should surely try looking into this Instagram account. The Instagram handle is very well known as it touches upon most parenting topics and the common ones especially which many parents easily relate to.

MyKidCanEatThis: For the parents who are suffering with the problem of the kids not willing to eat healthy stuff so try looking into this Instagram account. Here all the parents keep sharing the pictures of the food items their kids refused to eat and along with that they also mention the reason behind it.

scarymommy: As per the bio of this Instagram account it states that 85 million women- United by motherhood. If you are a parent who loves watching relatable memes, tweets, videos as well as pictures and quotes that range from all funny things that you experience with your kids to the heart touching was then this account is made for you.

momdotcom: The account is really famous for having many videos with tips and advice for. It is a place where usually many parents who are struggling with kids come. It talks about people struggling with infertility and considering adoption and also there were many inspirational as well as funny quotes related to babies and their mothers shown in the Instagram handle.

lunchboxdad: The account is especially made for people who are looking for ideas and tips in order to pack their child’s lunch box. It gives a glimpse of what food art is. 

playingwithchanel: The account is handled by occupational therapist Priscilla Yu. The main aim of creating this account is for inspiring simple baby to toddler activities based on development principles and you will find a treasure in the account having and number of videos and photos delivering the promise.

candokiddo: It is another Instagram account which is run by occupational therapist self-proclaimed the baby and toddler expert and a mom. You can find photos of everyday life as a parent here.

candidchildhood: This Instagram account is filled with beautiful images of babies and their parents enjoying magical moments of life and also includes chaos of childhood glimpses.

HonestToddler: The account is run by writer Bunmi Laditan. You can find funny replies to the many chaotic solutions that parents face with their toddlers in day to day life here.

happytoddlerplaytime:  The account will have videos that provide a good amount of information regarding sensory activities, learning games and much more that helps a lot in parenting

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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