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Viral Video : The 3D artist design of Hogwarts Express from Harry Potter is too amazing to watch!

The Internet is a wide place to know more about the world of art. People from all around the world share their amazing talent on this platform. The internet helps to know more about these people as these amazing talents shock us. And surely internet and social media platforms are the only way through which people can spread their talent and become more recognisable through their talent. Similarly now a video of a 3D artist is going all sorts of viral on all the social media platforms as people are very much amazed by his talent. 

Well if you are potterhead then of course you are a crazy fan of Harry Potter and Hogwarts for sure. And even if you are not a potterhead, we’re pretty sure that you may know about Harry Potter as it is one of the most famous series of all time. So there is barely a chance that you don’t know what the Hogwarts Express is. So even if you don’t know what Hogwarts Express is, let us tell you about it. So Hogwarts Express is a marvel of a train from the Harry Potter world. Well this amazing train has been taken on by several railways and brands that made it their own. 

Wondering why we are talking about potterheads here? Well let us inform you that this 3D artist’s viral recreation of the Hogwarts Express has rightfully been doing the rounds on the Internet, which is definitely worth having a look at! The people are loving the video and the creator’s talent has impressed everyone on the internet. 

According to some reports it is known that it has been designed by a 3D artist Iskander Utebayev from Nur-Sultan, which is the capital of Kazakhstan. Well, he has a massive Instagram following of 1.2 million too, as he has gained many fans on the internet by showing off his amazing talent through his 3D work.

“Two decades of magic. Harry Potter 20th anniversary. My special design of The Hogwarts Express interior/electric locomotive with panoramic view. Magicverse,” reads the descriptive caption that the artist uploaded. This amazing caption also accompanied the mesmerizing video. In the video which was posted around 2 days ago, it can be seen the scenario of the interior of the magical train that originated in the mind of author J. K. Rowling. The video looks indeed magical and of course it will be an exciting experience for the potterheads out there.

Since the video was uploaded around two days ago this video has gone all sorts of viral and has also gained many attention from all the netizens out there. The amazing video featuring the Hogwarts Express has gained more than 3.5 million views. Well, this video has surely also attracted several comments from Potterheads around the world, and it seems like potterheads cannot resist to share this video and share their thoughts on this video too. All the potterheads were quite excited by watching this video and many of them just wanted to be on the train at the right moment. While some use jokes that they were looking forward to the Hogwarts letter so that they can experience traveling through this train. Well of course it is a dream for many potterheads to travel to Hogwarts or at least experience that in a lifetime! 

“You’re beyond talented bro,” commented an Instagram user. “I would like to be on this train right now,” commented another. “I am really looking forward now for my Hogwarts letter,” joked a third. “Always magical,” posted another user.

What are your views on this amazing design of the Hogwarts Express?



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