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26/11 – The story of terror India can never forget and forgive

Today on Friday 26 November 2021, we mark 13 years to India’s most terrifying attacks when 10 Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists attacked the financial capital of India. 

Thirteen years of thousands of stories, yet some are still unknown. The frightening pictures of the attack still make our souls shiver!

Ten terrorists attacked several crowded places, especially the Leopold Cafe, Taj Hotel, Nariman House, Oberoi Trident Hotel, and CST Railway Station. 165 Civilians and Security personnel lost their lives, including 16 foreigners from different countries, and 304 were injured. 

Initially, it was reported that gang war was going on, but soon it became clear that it was a terror attack. Terrorists reached Mumbai through hijacked Fishing trawler from Karachi. They hijacked various cars and vans from police to attack the city with automatic weapons and grenades. The attack was pre-planned thoroughly to execute several attacks at a time where four terrorists entered Taj Hotel, two into Nariman House, two into Trident and rest, including Kasab open fired at CST Railway station where more than 100 were injured, and 58 were killed. 

Armed forces executed a four-day operation; on 27 November – The operation of Tornado Marine Commandos and Army soldiers surrounded the Hostage sites Taj, Nariman House, and Trident. On 28 November, they finished the Operation at Nariman House and Trident. On 29 November attack came to an end with Operation after NSG secured Taj. 

Out of 10, 9 terrorists were killed in a 4-day operation handled by Armed forces while the lone terrorist Ajmal Kasab was captured alive, who later confirmed attacks were planned, executed by LeT and other Pakistani terror groups. He was sentenced to death in 2012. However, the mastermind or Kingpins, if Attack is based in Pakistan, are yet to be brought to justice; as the shady trial drags into Labyrinths of the Pakistani System. 

Several Army Soldiers and Mumbai Police Jawans Lost their lives to protect the country. While 4 Dogs – Max, Sultan, Ceaser, and Tiger from Mumbai Police’s Bomb and Disposal Squad also became our heroes whose nose for sniffing explosives saved countless lives. 

This series of events led to several Resignations, With Maharashtra Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh, Union Minister Shivraj Patil stepping down. Day after the heinous attack, R&AW Secretary Ashok Chaturvedi offered his resignation for his failure to prevent the attack. 

The horrifying attack opened the conversations of Terrorist attacks and failure to fill discernible gaps in the political system to protect the country. The need to vanish these terror groups became more important on the international front. India was is and will be fighting to put countries supporting these groups down at all international platforms. 

This series of events might be terrifying stories for some, but those who lost their loved ones and survived the attack will never be the same. 

Today, as we remember the brave souls who lost their lives protecting the country, several celebrities and people took to Social Media to remember those who sacrificed their lives. President Ram Nath Kovind paid tribute to Martyrs and homage to victims of the attack. He said the Nation will always be grateful for Security personnel who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty.

Priyanka Aggarwal, an English Literature Post Graduate has invested her flair for writing and editing masterpieces.


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