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Here’s the reason why an Andhra boy filed a complaint in the police station against his friend!

Kids are so adorable that no one can resist their cuteness. You may have seen many videos on the internet where kids randomly meet a policeman or call a policeman and will complain about many small things that bother them. And all these kid-police interaction videos have always made our day as people find it cute when kids start their little problems with a policeman and most of the time policemen too hear and note it carefully for the sake of the kid’s happiness. Recently one such video of a boy from Andhra is getting viral on the internet, and is bringing a smile to everyone’s face. So here is the incident that is bringing smiles on everyone’s faces where a little boy just walked into a police station near him to file a complaint against his classmates as he took his pencil nibs without his permission. Now the video of the cops trying to solve this matter is winning everybody’s heart on the internet as people are in awe by watching this video. 

This viral video was initially shared by the Andhra Pradesh police on their online platform. In the viral clip shared by them, it was seen a group of primary school children approached Peda Kaduburu police station, located in Kurnool district. The group of primary school children went to the police station to file a complaint against their classmate. The video clip showcased a boy in checkered-shirt, claiming that the boy donning a mint green shirt has been stealing stencil nibs from him for days. And he is seen saying that he has now decided to take the matter up with the police. Too hilarious yet cute, isn’t it?

The most amazing part is that the policeman didn’t ignore them and he is seen listening patiently to the grievances of the boy as the boy went on saying his troubles. When the boy insists on filing a case, the police officer asks him to reconsider as the boy will be sent to jail and as a result his life will become difficult. Further in the video, the other children were seen bursting into peals of laughter as on the other hand, the police tried to strike a compromise and asked both the boys to shake hands.

Even though both the boys shook hands the boy continued to insist on filing a complaint and calling his parents. However the police officer gave the little boy an assurance once again that the offence conducted by the other boy won’t happen again, and asked to give him a chance. The officials asked the other boy to study well and the officials also hoped the duo can have a cordial relationship.

“It only demonstrates their confidence on #Police who care and serve all sections of the society in a friendly manner. These testimonies make Police more responsible in functioning with more accountability & transparency to provide the best services at the doorstep of the people,” the police handle wrote in another tweet.

This hilarious yet sweet video has created a huge buzz online. Well this video has also brought a smile on many faces and many were amazed to see the boys interacting with the cops with so much ease. While many netizens also lauded them for their awareness, and on the other hand, many wondered if the little boy would grow up to become a police officer one day. The video has been circulating on all the social media platforms as netizens are in love with the cuteness and innocence of the little boys and the way they just went into a police station to file a complaint regarding the theft of a pencil. Surely this video has made everyone’s day better by putting a smile on their faces. 

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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