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A 60 year old man becomes famous after modeling in a suit.

People having a successful career is something that we always come across on social media platforms. May it call their good luck or their good skills but they can be famous at any age and at any time. Well one such amazing story went very viral on several social media platforms and it is a must know. People who came across are going crazy about it and it is all about this one Kerala man. A 60-year-old daily wage laborer, Mammikka, is going viral. He became one of the most famous models within an amount of time.

 This man was able to find instant social media Fame and also used fan following. He became so famous after he worked as a model for a wedding shoot company. This company is present in Kerala and to be specific it is in Kozhikode district. all the social media users who came across his pictures were left completely impressed. Many also loved the instant makeover that the old man got and he looked absolutely stunning.

Mammikka’s journey to become a model:

Also how can you forget that even at this age he was able to absolutely nail the pictures.  comfort he displayed in front of the camera. Talking about his photoshoot in an earlier photo of the man was by photographer Shareek Vayalil. As soon as his photo was available on social media it weng instantly famous. on social media. It is also true that his photos got a good amount of response and then he later decided to go for a good photoshoot. yes this old man also became a full blown model for a photoshoot and the team gave Mammikka a sleek makeover. The new video was available online by Vayalil on his Instagram account. 

Surely all the pictures are earning a lot of praises from around the globe m and are earning plaudits. It captures the elderly model’s makeover and the entire procedure of shoot. Well in the video you can see him walking through a Street carrying the vegetables in his hands. He is in his usual style in the beginning of the video clip. Later in the video you can see him strutting around the same area. However this time he is walking in a stylish blazer and sunglasses. Mammika looks absolutely stunning with a perfectly groomed beard. In the video you can also see him working with the laptop and striking poses for the camera. Well,  the 60-year-old model is a familiar sight in the Koduvally area of Kozhikode.  People often saw him wearing a lungi and a shirt. 

Reaction of the netizens:

His overall new look has left many local people of the area in utter amazement. While speaking to the over phone Vayalil, the photographer stated a lot. He spoke about the behind the viral shoot and said that Mammikka is his close friend. He is also his neighbor. “After watching the video, people from far-flung places, including foreign countries contacted and congratulated me. We received rare reviews from Mammika’s wide network of friends. The clip went viral beyond my expectations,” he stated. Vayalil owns and manages a video and photography studio in Koduvally. His studio name is Shk digital. 

Well, Vayalil also owns a wedding suit store, Your Choice. “Our friends or native people usually pose as model for our advertisements on billboards. This time, we chose Mammika and Majnas, a local salon owner, did his makeover. The video was shot in Hylite Business park,” he further said. “While Mammikka is adored online, he is busy with usual work and routine now. He is headed to work today,” Vayalil then added. Many social media users who came across the video were left completely amazed. Also many people praised the photographer and the 60- year old model.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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