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A century-old love letter is going crazy viral on the Internet today!

We know that Valentine’s Day is pastors now but still social media is filled with love comments and quotes. Valentine’s Day and anytime near it always bring so much of love and people like spreading it. And to make a note of social media users do not leave a single chance to spread the cute love stories. Well this one the story is going to be very crazy on several social media platforms and people are totally in love with that.

Nowadays we hardly find anyone who writes beautiful love letters to their loved ones. But this specific love letter that you will come to know in this article will truly be in your heart. If we’re talking about the one Love letter that is going crazy viral on social media platforms and is highly trending. Well, it is a love letter written in 1913. The letter was finally able to find a host of new appreciators. Well, it is none other than we social media users. 

The letter in question was written by a famous American cartoonist. Well, illustrator Alfred Joseph Frueh. He wrote this love letter to his wife Giuliette Fanciulli back on January 10, 1913. Well, the reason behind why this small piece of paper has become the interest of so many social media users around the globe is amazing. Now, this letter morphs into a mini model of an art gallery. Yes you read that right.

Well, if it is folded according to instructions you will find a mini art gallery in it.  As per the reports, the  Smithsonian Archives of American Art website said the letter. They stated that it “meant to educate Ms Fanciulli before visiting a gallery.” The letter is not just any simple letter but is actually a skillfully crafted one. It shows us an example of how simple crafting can make a sheet of paper change into something so beautiful. 

Design of the letter:

Surely the letter is itself a very delicate model. Once you fold the letter properly by following the instructions properly, the outer side remains covered in the text. Well, talking about the inner side of the letter it will just look similar to an art gallery. Yes, it has a few photographs and paintings hung on the inner wall. When you look closely, you can also see that the letter has a small rectangular cut. Well, this cut mimics the way to enter the gallery. The words “This way in” are also present over the “door” of the letter. There is also a noticeboard hanging on the left side of the doorway. The instructions “Leave your hats and umbrellas at home. I ain’t got time to check them” is written on it.  Well, it is a true fact that nowadays hardly people find any love letters or write any one. 

But the simple gesture by the cartoonist has actually won millions of hearts on the Internet today. It was a love so beautiful to witness in this letter. Well, this over a century-old letter but getting highly famous recently. This letter is surely reminding people on the internet of how back in the days people used to be romantic and sweet towards their loved ones. Surely something super sweet to witness on the social media platform if you are craving for something romantic to watch. The comments section of the post is filled with so many positive reviews. There are also many people who dream about having such a life partner who can write beautiful love letters even in this modern day. It also highlights how people used to show their love back in the days and it is so much different compared to this modern world.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
I am Sneha Sivakumar, a writer who fell in love with Creative Writing, and loves to provide entertaining articles about famous personalities.


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