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A 7 foot long snake was sitting on a couch as a surprise!

We remember many things that happen in our lives for a long time. Some incidents in our lives can be terrifying for a long time. Many people come across many such incidents that actually cannot just leave their minds for a long time of their life. One such incident with this man is going wildly viral on the Internet. The video shared on the Internet is something that has become a hot topic in the town. Many people have different incidences with pet animals and other animals who are not up at. We find so many videos and posts on the Internet talking about the interaction between a human and an animal. 

The viral video:

Well, one such interaction is what is becoming a huge topic. Also, many people are going crazy about it after watching the video. This viral video clip initially shared by 9News on YouTube shows a reptile. It was all coiled up and hiding under the cushion of the couch. This thrilling viral video of the same incident was shared on Facebook. You will get to see a Snake expert and owner of So-Cal Rattlesnake Removal, Alex Tejo, talking about it. He is seen holding the reptile on its tail while speaking in front of the camera. 

The shocking incident:

“Okay, I don’t even know what to do right now. So, someone called me to remove the snake,” Tejo is heard saying in the viral video clip. At the same time, the snake is seen moving towards him in the video. He instinctively retracts but still does not lose any hold of the snake in his hands. “One in a lifetime snake rescue!” reads the clip’s caption. It is still a mystery how the snake ended up on the couch. “We are still unsure about that, “So-Cal Rattlesnake Removal Facebook user replied to a query on how the snake ended up in the house. 

Many social media users who came across his viral post left utterly shocked. Many people loved the beauty of the reptile. “What a gorgeous snake!” said a social media user in the post’s comment section after watching the video. “He didn’t get my skin, but he got the lining of my shirt,” Tejo said while speaking to ABC 10News. He also added that it is legal to take care of the breed as a pet. Well, it might have escaped from its owner and reached that spot.

The post’s comment section is filled with so many comments from people around the globe who came across the story. Many people wrote about other reptiles who were caught in similar incidents. It is always not safe for them to roam openly in public places, and they might have to face some injury. Many people were glad to know that nothing had happened with the reptile caught in this man’s house.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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