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The world’s longest wooden roller coaster is all set to get longer!

One of the main reasons so many people are edited to roller coasters is the adrenaline rush that comes with that. Also, many people are super fans of roller coasters or huge rights, but they tend to go for it once in their lifetime to enjoy the experience. A roller coaster attracts many people, from kids to adults—the fantastic experience with the thrill and excitement that comes with something worth it. Something is hitting the headlines, and people are all waiting for it to open. 

The longer the roller coaster is, the more fun and more exciting it is for sure. For the people who are huge fans of roller coasters, this is something that they should surely go for. Yes, we are talking about The world’s longest wooden roller coaster. The longest one is The Beast at Kings Island, according to the sources. It is an amusement park which is located in Ohio, US. Also, according to the authorities, it has held onto its record since 1979. In May this year, The Beast is set to break its record. Yes, it will have new records as its track will be extended. 

The world’s longest roller coaster:

As per the reports, the roller coaster is becoming longer and is extended by two feet. Its length was initially 7,359 feet, and now it is expanding to 7,361 feet. The details were given in a pressure release that Kings Island issued. The official Twitter account of Kings Island shared the excellent news for all the coastal roller hours on their social media handle. They share the details about extending the roller coaster leading all the social media users to become super excited about it. 

“The legendary Beast roller coaster will break its world record as the longest wooden roller coaster by two feet, from 7,359 feet to 7,361 feet due to offseason tracking and reprofiling work,” Kings Island stated in the officer’s statement they released in a tweet. Many social media users who came across the news were thrilled about it. Also, many cannot just keep calm after knowing about the extension of their favorite roller coaster. The post’s comment section is filled with so many comments and replies stating that they cannot just wait for it. The words have also flooded the comments section.

People are super excited!

 “I’m so excited to ride the Beast with all the changes. I love that they have rebuilt sections and re-track other needed areas. Night rides will be legendary once again,” says the social media user who came across this fantastic post. “When you look at roller coaster records, they’re being beaten all the time,” Kings Island vice-president and general manager Mike Koontz was seen saying while speaking in the press release. “But there’s one record that no park in the world has been able to beat for more than 40 years, until now, and that’s the record for the longest wooden roller coaster.” 

We can also expect a steeper first drop as the track gets longer in size. Many people from around the globe and tourists from different parts of the world are reaching to experience this roller coaster. People cannot just stay calm after knowing that their favorite roller coaster is becoming longer. The record-breaking features of The Beast include a 7,361-foot-long track. Will it approximately go up to 1.4 miles? It also comes with a ride time of four minutes and 10 seconds. Also, people on this roller coaster will experience vertical drops of 137 feet. To make a note, it will be at an angle of 53-degree and 141 feet, respectively, at an 18-degree angle.

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