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A Bengali wedding menu printed on a ruler leads to a hilarious meme feast!

The creativity level that some people show always tends to shock us internet users. From coming up with weird inventions to creating weird food dishes. Well, people have been always trying new things around the globe. Sometimes it leads to something interesting. Also sometimes the results are something that becomes just a meme material. 

Well one such new invention is going crazy viral on the Internet. All the food lovers are now speechless. Indian weddings are something that is filled with mouth watering huge feasts. Also different ceremonies. Our Grand weddings are not only known for rich traditions. But also we love to have a lot of traditional foods for treating our guests. And thus the culture of Bengal is something that is known for similar weddings. The amazing dishes that are served at the wedding have been attracting a lot of guests. And also not to forget about the beautiful decorations of the Bengali weddings.

Arranging a wedding is not an easy task. Thus many people come up with different ideas to make it more creative and eye-catching.  Something similar is this Bengali wedding. They wanted to try and the results became the most crazy viral thing today. Witnessing a huge list of mouth watering dishes consisting of a bibaha menu. It was available on a ruler. Yes you read that right. Well, there is a huge number of yummy dishes available on the menu. But the only fact that it was not a menu card but on a ruler is something that is scaring the food lovers. 

The printing of the wedding menu was on a ruler which is a 30 cm scale. Talking about the menu on the ruler, it includes dishes like fish kalia, fried rice, mutton masala and many others. The unique wedding card firstly appeared back in 2013. It is going viral this time because the Twitter user Stereotyperwriter came up to share it now. The huge feast was for the wedding of Sushmita and Animesh. The wedding was in Siliguri, West Bengal.

 Now the comment section of the post is with reviews by different food lovers. One of the social media users who came across the post said jokingly, “Please don’t use it to hit if someone wants to eat more.” Another social media user asked if the ruler is for measuring how much the guests are eating. Jokingly, that social media user meant taking measurements for their tummy. “We as little kids were terrified of these scales,” said another user. Seems like West Bengal is trying to get more innovative. They are creative with their wedding cards. 

A similar incident happened last year which was again going viral at that time. In February last year a couple from Kolkata decided to have their wedding food menu look like an aadhar card copy. All the dishes that are from the starters to the desserts were available just like an official document.  The couple wanted to make it look more like an aadhar card copy. Well, thus the wedding date, February 1, 2020 printing was one the place where usually our Aadhar number is available.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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