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Anand Mahindra shares a picture of a beautiful road having critical construction from Tamil Nadu.

The chairman of Mahindra group has always kept his fan following entertained. It is by sharing different content on his social media handle. He has always come up with new viral content to post on his accounts and many of his followers do love to give it a look. Well Anand Mahindra is highly active on his official accounts.  Now he has come up with a new image which is going crazy viral on the Internet. The chairman of Mahindra group posted an image of a stunning road.

As per the reports the road is somewhere in tamilnadu with around 70 hairpin bends. Anand Mahindra also was seen expressing that he was left incomplete amazement. He was in awe because of the beautiful construction. Well to make a note of it is also something really complicated that they pulled off amazingly. Sharing the photograph of Kolli hills road, it shows that the road is beautiful. It has different and many turns. The industrialist also wrote that he has a very little idea about a country and has much to know about. As per the report this amusing photo was initially available by Erik Solheim 

Well, Solheim is a diplomat and former minister in the Norwegian government. Along with sharing the photo Anand Mahindra wrote, “Erik you keep showing me how little I know about my own country! This is just phenomenal. I want to find out who built this road”. He also wrote that he might only go for his company’s vehicle, Thar. This is when he will have a chance to travel at such a location. He subtly advertises his company’s vehicle. It is major on his timeline but at the same time impresses many with such an amazing picture. Currently this official tweet is going crazy viral by Anand Mahindra. It got more than 27,000 likes.

 Also to make a note of many people from around the globe sharing the picture on their social media handles. Well it is such a beautiful picture with an amazing landscape. Thus it tends to catch a lot of attention from around the globe. This Prompts many people to share the beautiful picture from the Kolli hills region. Well, the comment section of the post is also having a lot of comments. The picture shows how beautiful our country is.  It is leaving many people from around the globe completely awestruck. People have always been so much attracted to the different beautiful picturesque landscapes of the country. 

There are many social media users left completely impressed. It is with the way the road was visible. Some social media users also point out the critical construction of the road. It is truly difficult but at the same time makes it appear so outstanding. Well, some people also said how the constant turns of the road can make it difficult to drive. It is for all the motorists out there. However surely all thanks to Anand Mahindra for sharing such a beautiful picture. It is pointing out the beauty of the country and different regions are located here.

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Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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