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A cafe that makes you sit with your feet dipped in a pond!

Modern cafes coming up with modern unique ideas to make a classic simple Cafe more fun and entertaining for the visitors is what we commonly find on the internet. Well from the design of the cafe in a unique way to produce a unique menu which has not so easily available dishes, we might have seen so many cafes which have their unique twist that always tend to grab hundreds of attention on the Internet.

Not only does it help them to attract customers but also we netizens like their idea make sure to share it and give a kind of free advertisement to their place. But sometimes many people go to a whole new level to grab attention from others. It might end up bad having a bad result and thus such a cafe is now getting very viral on the internet. Although the cafe has gotten a lot of attention for its different way of working, the reactions from many social media users who came across the cafe were not very pleasing. Some also stated that the cafe was nothing but a bizarre idea which they executed. 

Well, this might indeed sound slightly bizarre but a true story like this will leave you shocked. The internet has discovered a video of a restaurant which is now getting crazily spread on the internet like a rapid-fire. In the restaurant, you can find the guests sitting on the chairs which is a very common set up of cafes and restaurants but the thing that shocked many was that the guests will have to sit on the chairs while their feet ha stop being dipped inside a fish tank present in the cafe.

Yes, you read that right. The video lasted for 19-second and in the short clip which was posted to Reddit by a social media user, you can find yeh seating arrangement of the guests which is weird to even look at. Well, the video managed to get super-viral as soon as it was available online and is swiftly spreading online now.

“Koi Pond Cafe where guests are seated in the tank,” the caption of the post reads where the video was also initially posted.

As it is seen in the video clip, chairs and tables were set up in a room with wooden flooring. The wooden flooring is filled with ankle-deep water and you can find many colorful fishes in it. You will also be able to see the colorful fishes swimming in the water which was set up to create a fish-tank sort of an effect on the Cafe’s flooring. There is a board on the wall that reads Sweet Fishs Cafe in the video but the location of the place is not known. Many social media users who came across the video hated the idea of having fish on the floor of the restaurant. 

Many also took it to the comment section of the video saying how much they hated the plan of this Cafe’s construction. “The list is pretty long on why this is a terrible idea,” a user commented in the ten comment section of the video. Another comment stated, “Dropping food in the water could fatten up or poison the fish.” Well, another social media user also said, “I was thinking electricity could play a role in it turning bad.”

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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