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A chandelier created with empty covid vaccine vials takes the internet by storm! The post goes viral.

We often get to see many creative things that people make on social media platforms and such a video is currently going viral. A woman from the United States is currently trending on several social media platforms because she created an amazing CD with all covid vaccine vials she had. Her amazing work of art and creativity is what amazed many netizens who watched her post. Laura Basis is a nurse practicing in Boulder County Public Health in Colorado and she took hundreds of empty vaccine vials and used them to create a very stunning-looking sandal. 

The pictures of a post have been getting started on several social media platforms by different accounts and initially, she had her work on September 2 on Boulder County Public Health Facebook official page. Boulder County Public Health said, “One of our talented Public Health Nurses, Laura Weiss, created this gorgeous piece of art using empty Covid vaccine vials.” In an interview, the nurse said that she was very much inspired to use these hundreds of Moderna vaccine vials and recreate a chandelier that can represent a light of appreciation. 

source = edition.cnn

Her interview was also shared on the same Facebook page. Laura Weiss said “As a Boulder County Public Health nurse, I was witness to the inexhaustible efforts of healthcare workers and volunteers who assisted in vaccinating Boulder County residents. I was inspired to repurpose hundreds of Moderna vaccine vials and create this ‘Light of Appreciation.’ It is meant to honor and show appreciation for all those who have helped keep people alive, either by getting the vaccine to protect themselves and others, caring for those suffering from Covid, or assisting in the vaccination effort. We are all connected in this effort. After so much loss, uncertainty, and anxiety, may the light bring hope for a brighter future.” 

As per the images that are posted on the official Facebook page, gorgeously showed the light chandelier, and also a close-up picture of it was shared which left many people shocked with the amazing creation by the nurse. The comment section of this beautiful post was filled with many people appreciating Laura for her efforts and also congratulated the Department of Public Health for the impeccable service that they have provided to all the patients they have been looking after. Also netizens several comments which showed how much they appreciated the beautiful work of art by the nurse. A Facebook user wrote, “That’s the beautiful thing about art, it means something different to so many people because they relate their personal experiences and biases to what they see.” Indeed the chandelier is a beautiful masterpiece to look at.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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